More Than Three Minute Podcast: The Zoo and other things in Elk Grove Part III - Lots of Dreams But Mostly Schemes

In Part III of Lynn Wheat's More Than Three Minutes Podcast: The Zoo and other Things in Elk Grove, listeners will hear forgotten history of some of the unfulfilled dreams of earlier Elk Grove mayor's and city councils. Will the zoo be different?  

Listen Time 4 Minutes


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Deejay Blutarsky said...

I don't know what all the fuss is about. These excerpts from the recent press release of the City's Economic Development Department lays it all out--and that my friends, you can bet your Mello-Roos tax dollars on!

"..a transformative era of economic prosperity and educational enrichment for Elk Grove and the Sacramento region; captivating exhibits; a cornerstone of economic development projected to infuse the local economy with vitality and resilience; a magnet for tourism, drawing visitors from across the west; will not only bolster revenue streams but also enhance brand recognition for the city, establishing Elk Grove as a premier destination for tourism and family-friendly entertainment; the new zoo transcends its economic implications; the zoo will serve as a living laboratory where students can explore scientific concepts, conduct research, and develop solutions to real-world problems; where economic opportunity and educational empowerment intersect, creating a legacy of prosperity and progress."

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