Are you a 'thrower-outer?'

This massive climate controlled self-storage center on Bruceville Road and Lewis Stein Drive
is nearing completion and will soon open to satisfy the insatiable appetite to accumulate
and store material goods. | 

Guest Commentary |  

By Connie Conley |   

Fans of Jerry Seinfeld, and his television show, know the show was based on “nothing.” The episodes often showcased Seinfeld’s (and Larry David’s) genius for observational humor.


In that vein, occasionally we all make mundane observations, and ask ourselves, “Why?” One that I wrote an Op Ed about 10 years ago was why Costco customers can’t return their carts to the cart returns. 


One day at Costco, I noticed they had just spruced up their parking planters with new flowers. In those flower beds, you guessed it, were numerous carts trampling the flowers when a cart return was just feet away.


Today, I had another observation when I was at the corner of Lewis Stein and Big Horn. I looked over at the humongous new storage being built there.  

Do Elk Grove residents have that much stuff that we need so many storage units being built all over the city? I venture to guess the monthly rental cost isn’t cheap.


But I regress, there was a time when I accumulated a lot of “stuff.”  But those days are long gone.  

Getting rid of stuff you never used, never wore, didn’t even know you even had, is liberating.  Someone once told me, “Clutter is chaos!”  

Great piece of advice.


I am sure the owners of the storage units are banking on Elk Grove residents busting out of the seams with stuff, too many things, and will pay those monthly storage fees.


Seinfeld: “I’m a thrower-outer.” Me too, and it feels good!

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Sid Vicious said...

These storage units, especially in a climate-controlled environment are not cheap. How much you want to bet most of the customers are people living in the McMansions dotting Elk Grove? If they have to rent a unit for overflow crap, can you imagine what their houses look like.

The good news, maybe someday Elk Grove will be featured on Storage Wars. Now that will bring tourist to town!

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