Guest Commentary - Call Me The Leaker! A Practical Guide to Lowering Your Sales Tax and Sending a Political Message

By DJ Blutarsky

For years, Elk Grove City Hall has been beating the drum to "shop local" and that spending your money out of town is considered "leakage." I know it may sound sacrilegious for me to advocate spending some of your hard-earned money out of town, but hear me out! 

You may have heard the expression, "vote with your feet", and this has certainly been widespread in California as the exodus of companies and people flee the state for one reason or another. Well, I have another saying -"spend with your feet." 

After the City's hard-sell PR campaign and a well-funded Political Action Committee successfully pushed through the Measure E sales tax increase, we have seen a giddiness and shameful spending spree at City Hall that should make the City Council blush - except it hasn't - that's my issue! 

The current combined sales tax rate in Elk Grove is now at 8.75%

Until the City Council reins in their spending of our tax dollars on extravagant projects, the handing out of economic development incentives like its candy [do we really believe Costco would not have come to Elk Grove without the incentive the City gave?]; the hiring binge that vastly exceeds the rate of population growth; and the cut-rate fees charged to developers who won't have to pay for the Whitelock Overpass and the Connector - I will explore my shopping options in other areas of our region.

As a matter of principle, I intend to make large purchases in areas that have lower sales tax rates, are within easy driving distance, and can double as a nice day trip. Because the following areas have lower sales taxes than Elk Grove and have fun activities, I consider them to be my tax-dollar destinations. 

Yes, I am a leaker, I guess!

Anywhere in unincorporated Placer County - 7.25%
Anywhere in unincorporated Sacramento County - 7.75%
Folsom - 7.75%
Roseville - 7.75%
Napa - 7.75%
Lodi - 8.25%
Manteca - 8.25%
Davis - 8.25%
Placerville - 8.25%
Elk Grove (last resort) - 8.75%

Photo by 
Luis Quintero

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