Fong Receives Endorsement From Matsui in Assembly Race

September 16, 2014 | Sacramento City Council Member and California Assembly Ninth District candidate  Darrell Fong  announced thi...

September 16, 2014 |

Sacramento City Council Member and California Assembly Ninth District candidate Darrell Fong announced this morning he has received the endorsement of Congresswoman Doris Matsui.

"Improving Sacramento’s level of flood protection and protecting the Delta are top priorities of mine in Congress and the basis of my strong endorsement of Darrell Fong for State Assembly," Matsui said in her endorsement.

In his campaign leading up to the June primary, Fong has made his opposition to Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed twin peripheral tunnels and preservation of the Delta a centerpiece of his platform.   

"Congresswoman Matsui has effectively fought for more federal funding to protect our water supply and Delta levees," Fong said. "I am humbled by her support and look forward to continuing to work with her on protecting our region's water resources and the Delta." 

Fong is facing fellow Democrat, Elk Grove Vice Mayor Jim Cooper in the November general election. The Ninth Assembly district stretches from South Sacramento to Lodi. 

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Anonymous said...

Now that a "biggie"... at least for this fellow Democrat.

Anonymous said...

I am very, very pleased about this endorsement. Matsui is highly respected.

As to Cooper not resigning before running for assembly, I find this very problematic. Our coundil does NOT need any more appointments - that is not the way to fill empty council seats!!!

For that reason in particular, I would not vote to send Cooper on to higher office. He has not shown strength of character in this regard, but hedged his bets at the expense of the citizens of Elk Grove. Not impressive choice.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for another spin-the-bottle appointment process should Cooper win the assembly race. I can see Davis and Ly will be in one corner and Detrick and Hume in the other, unless of course Detrick flips. Anything is possible. The end result is some other local hack will be appointed to Cooper's vacated seat.

R Reinwald said...

A well deserved endorsement!

Fong has, in his four years on Sac City Council, provided a voting record that speaks to the level of importance he holds towards preserving the region's cultural, economic and ecological qualities.

He has also has battled Johnson on high profile issues. He voted against the Sacramento arena financing plan,as well as casting the deciding vote against Johnson's 2012 request to place a proposal to enhance mayoral powers before the voters.

He presents us with a strong choice in quality leadership & someone who is willing to take a firm position on tough issues, even when it seems like everyone else is against you...

In addition, he is relinquishing his seat on the City Council in order to run for Assembly. Integrity.

Anonymous said...

Well said is my understanding there is already someone waiting in the wings of city hall to step into Coopers place...Flip flops and all!

Anonymous said...

No. No way. Not again.
Should there be a vacancy on the city council, the citizens must insist on the democratic process - i.e., an election.

Saying an election is too expensive is a crock!!! We ELECT our council members, not appoint them by a panel of the council itself.

Cigar smoking guy in the Las Vegas sports book lounge said...

Odds favor the council appointing one of their own. Remember, the house never loses.

Sue said...

Good comments here. Cooper, if he had any integrity would have stepped down when he filed for assembly. He needs to go, but promoting incompetence seems so wrong.

And yes, if he is elected to the assembly, this needs to go before the voters in a special election. The circus we had because Davis lacked integrity by not stepping down when he ran for mayor was a total embarrassment to all.

Candidates in a special election wouldn't / shouldn't need $100,000 to get their messages out.

The $500,000 it would cost to fund a special election would equate to a "feasibility study" for a fire station on this city spends like they print it.

And Mr. Flip-flop, I assume is referring to Rod Brewer who showed up at the CC meeting in gym shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops recently, looking like a near homeless person.

Mr. Brewer, if you have any further political aspirations, I suggest you shower and put on some shoes before your next appearance at a city function.
That was very tacky and unbecoming of a person who seeks public trust and respect.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOL....another EG politician showing their true colors. Flip flops and gym shorts? Looking homeless? LOLOL...classic. Shows real professionalism, tact, respect for the council and for the next stop on the public dole. Rod can smell an open seat (cooper's) so he starts to attend meetings so he can say he's "involved!". Another poor choice for an elected official.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I thought that was Mr. Brewer in the foyer.

Very disappointing. Let's hope he doesn't seek a council seat. I believe he has his hands full with his current gig.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that Mr Brewer gives two rats @ss about his current gig. If he did, he wouldn't show up to a council meeting with flip flops and saggy gym shorts. Disrespectful and tacky. But I have no doubt he'd love to drop CCSD for the lights and movie camera's of the council chambers. He and Mayor Dopey are everywhere together. And I am sure CCSD would love to have him jump ship. Goes to show you anyone can get elected in EG if you have enough developer money...brains not needed (and apparently no shoes required either!)

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