Operating From The Twilight Zone Bera, Ose Try to Keep Sunny Disposition

November 7, 2014 | In a replay of the 2012 election for California's Seventh Congressional District, voters will be waiting wee...

November 7, 2014 |

In a replay of the 2012 election for California's Seventh Congressional District, voters will be waiting weeks until the winner of this year's battle between Democratic incumbent Dr. Ami Bera and his opponent, Republican Doug Ose, will be declared.

The current results show Ose leading Bera by 2,183 votes out of 127,047 votes counted. Reportedly, the county still has in excess of 70,000 ballots to count and verify.

Although Ose currently has the lead and his camp is nowhere near ready to declare victory, they are nonetheless expressing a degree of confidence. In a press statement released yesterday, his campaign said "Doug Ose maintains a lead of more than 2,000 votes. The Sacramento County Registrar has over 70,000 countywide ballots left to account for. No matter what Congressman Bera tries to say, Ose is still in the lead. We are confident Doug Ose’s message of fixing the economy and getting Sacramento County back to work will prevail.”   

On the Bera side of the ledger, they too expressed qualified optimism and related 2014 to 2012 when it took weeks for that cliffhanger election to be resolved. Bera's press release said "In both 2010 and 2012, those same types of ballots  [mail-in, provisional] significantly favored Bera. In 2012, Bera's race was too close to call immediately after the election, but after the Registrar of Voters counted those types of ballots, Bera won with by a margin of 9,191 votes."

Once the winner of this race is determined, what does it mean for 2016? If the Democrats lose, will they view this as a winnable seat in 2016, a year that many national pundits already say favors them? Will Bera be their candidate again? 

For Republicans, if Ose does not prevail, will they be willing once again to make this one of the most expensive Congressional campaign in the country? Short of Ose, who do the Republicans have in their stable who has the name recognition, a track record and personal financial resources to put up against Bera?   

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Anonymous said...

Regardless of the outcome, Ami Bera is still our representative until January and will be in DC doing his job.

Anonymous said...

Ami Bera is going to lose.

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