Suspected Shoplifter Face Punches Elk Grove Walmart Employee

January 13, 2015 | In yet another case of workplace violence, a shoplifter assaulted a retail store employee yesterday morning in Elk G...

January 13, 2015 |

In yet another case of workplace violence, a shoplifter assaulted a retail store employee yesterday morning in Elk Grove.

According to Elk Grove Police reports, an unknown man was observed shoplifting by loss prevention employee at the Elk Grove Boulevard Walmart. When the suspect exited the store, he was approached by the employee.

As the employee attempted to detain the suspect, he was punched in the face. The suspect then fled the store on foot.

The suspect was described as black male adult, 5`10", average build, wearing a blue/orange baseball cap, black hoodie, and blue jeans. 

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Bruce Lee said...

Walmart needs to teach some self-defense skills to their loss prevention employees. Gas masks for the pepper spray, nunchucks for the punches, and Air Jordan's to chase them down if they get past all that!

Anonymous said...

Punching a store employee in the face.

How ghetto!

Anonymous said...

No, this is ghetto:

From Elk Grove Online.

Fight this AM - Renwick and Trainor- Laguna West

January 14, 2015 10:59:39 AM PST

I'm wondering if anyone else witnessed the fight early this morning at the park located on Renwick at Trainor.

I was out walking my dog at about 6:10am or so.

There was a mob of about 15 or so trashy black people on Trainor; half were on one side of the street and half were on the other side of the street.

The disagreement seemed to be between females as they were the ones doing all of the yelling ...couldn't tell what they were yelling about because there were so many of them screaming over each other. There were males in attendance as well, but they only seemed to be observing. My big dog started getting super anxious and riled up so we bolted the other direction.

I called the police but the group disbanded before they arrived.

I use this street often to access the the neighborhood behind the park and have noticed an increase in shady characters loitering on that particular block...on both sids of the park, actually.

There has been increased loitering on Trainor and increased loitering on Sipler. The neighborhood is designed in such a way that one side of the street is the park and the other side of the street is backyard residential fences. There are no houses houses facing these "access" streets. EGPD had some shady looking dude pulled over the other evening after work and were searching his car.

It's an easy and convenient spot for dirtbags who are up to no good to park and plot. Just keep your eyes out, folks. The garbage is alive and well in Laguna West.

Anonymous said...

Another punk from Sacramento.

6.9 mile chase endangers motorists.

Now that is really ghetto!


Time: 1827 hours
Report #: 15-000370
Charges: VC 10851(A), 496D(A), VC 2800.2(A)
Location: Lakepoint Dr. / Maritime Dr.

S-1 (Sacramento resident) was observed driving a reported stolen vehicle. When officers attempted to conduct an enforcement stop,

S-1 did not yield and led officers on a pursuit.

The pursuit lasted 13 minutes and covered 6.9 miles.

S-1 eventually drove into a commercial parking lot at Laguna Blvd. and Big Horn Dr. and stopped the car. S-1 was arrested without incident then transported to the main jail.

Officer Christopher Trim
Public Information Officer
Elk Grove Police Department
(916) 627-3709


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