A Tale of Two Sign Designs - Elk Grove Planning Commission Approves One, Pushes Back on Another

The Elk Grove Planning Commission told fast food  developer Gil Moore to change several elements on  this billboard.  March ...

The Elk Grove Planning Commission told fast food 

developer Gil Moore to change several elements on 

this billboard. 
March 6, 2015 |

Last night's meeting of the Elk Grove Planning Commission might be called the tale of two sign designs - it was the best of designs; it was the worst of designs. Such was the case for two applicants seeking design approval of billboards to be installed on Highway 99.

Those two applicants, local fast food and gas station impresario Gil Moore and Tsakapoulos Investments will be erecting billboards on the east side of Highway 99 south and north of the Sheldon Road interchange respectively.

With very little discussion or criticism, the planning commission approved by a 4-1 vote Tsakapoulus' sign that will part of a shopping center they are developing on the northeast corner of the 99-Sheldon Road interchange. The sign will advertise tenants of the forthcoming development dubbed Sheldon Crossing and other nearby businesses, and will be about 80-feet high with nine panels.

The only design change the planning commission ordered was the removal of the City of Elk Grove logo. Aside from that, the commissioners praised the billboards design elements.

While the planning commissioners were pleased with the Sheldon Crossing sign, they were less impressed with Moore's 60-foot high billboard design. Among other elements they told the father of Elk Grove's billboard explosion to redesign were the base of the billboard's pillars, the number of panels, and the elk on top of the structure.

Specifically, they told Moore to make replace the cross-hashed aluminum covering at the base of the pillars with brick, reduced the number of panels to six, and remove the elk decorative panel at the top of the billboard. Pending those changes, the commissioner indicated they would approve the design.

Moore is scheduled to come back to the Commission on March 19.  

With the exception of the Elk Grove City logo,
the planning commission praised the billboard design
for the Sheldon Crossing development. 

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Anonymous said...


Elk Grove is going to look like a typical valley arm pit with all the strip centers and garish signs.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully the housing rebound gives the possibility to get out of here. A wasteland of rooftops, churches, and corporate blight, highlighted by the twin towers of crap.

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