Elk Grove Delegation Part of Annual Cap-to-Cap Lobbying Trip

April 17, 2015 | Tomorrow marks the start of the 45th Annual Capitol-to-Capitol  lobbying trip to Washington D.C. organized by the Sa...

April 17, 2015 |

Tomorrow marks the start of the 45th Annual Capitol-to-Capitol lobbying trip to Washington D.C. organized by the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce. As it has since its founding, a delegation of Elk Grove City Council and staff members will be part of a group of Sacramento region elected officials and business people descending on the nation's capitol in search of Federal dollars.

Elk Grove's delegation will include all council members with the exception of Mayor Gary Davis, and city staff members Laura Gill, Kara Reddig and Richard Shepard. In their meeting leading up to next week's visit, council members and staff both suggested they will focus on transportation funding, with an emphasis on the Kammerer Road portion of the Southeast Connector project.   

Elk Grove City's seven-person delegation is budgeted to cost taxpayers $23,970. Typically the delegation also participates in breakfast, luncheon and dinner meetings provided by sponsor of the event, which this year includes, among others, Teichert and Sutter Health.    

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Warren Buffett said...

So let me see if I got this right?

We are spending about $24,000 to send our leaders to Washington to scrounge up some "free" money to build the Connector, so the developers who have bought up the land along it can get a free highway to improve the value of their property. And the Connector is being conned as an expressway to relieve congestion, while in reality it will spur growth and be clogged with signals like Watt Ave., Sunrise Blvd., etc. Can they bring back some Roundup so they can spray the weeds growing out of the cracks of our existing streets.

Wonder why Mr. Mayor is not going? The MLS and U.S. Olympic Committee might be there?

Anonymous said...

Seven going...thinkin' they can get some more "free" money to fix something they have been unable to do with our "free" taxpayers money. You're not going to be able to fool those people like you do some here in our city. As for the Mayor and the Chief of Staff not going...well his "Rep" Mr. Lie, is delivering his little Memo to the Powers That Be. That will most likely shake them up....

While they're shopping for some "free" money, I'm trying to get a team together from that Senior Del Webb Community to clean up the roadside on Bruceville & EG Blvd. we all have had to look at daily for the past few years.

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