Dumpster Diving Probationer Arrested, Found in Possession of Blank Checks

January 13, 2016 |

A probationer found inside a dumpster was arrested early Tuesday morning and is being held at the Sacramento County Jail after being arrested by Elk Grove Police.

The suspect, 32-year old Marvin C. Bolton (pictured above), was located inside a dumpster on the side of a business on the 8600 block of Elk Grove Boulevard. Upon contact, officers discovered Bolton was on probation.

A probation search led to the discovery of a controlled substance, bank statements and an unopened box of checks. Bolton is ineligible for bail because of a probation violation and faces three felony charges. 

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Anonymous said...

if i was him, id do some wacky shit to try and stay in jail. why in the world would you want to get out and dig through another dumpster when a schedule meal and cozy blanket is inside the jailhouse.

Anonymous said...

The screws look a little loose with that guy.

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