Elk Grove City Council Candidate Neuburger Plants Signs, Taunts Incumbent Rival

Elk Grove City Council candidate Vincent Neuburger placed a sign directly
outside the home of one of his rivals, incumbent Steve Detrick. 

Keeping with the long-gone tradition of starting campaigns around the Labor Day Holiday,  one Elk Grove City Council candidate has used the three-day holiday weekend to announce his bid to motorist.  

Today several roadside signs for Vincent Neuburger, one of two candidates challenging incumbent Steve Detrick, were placed along Sheldon Road in the heart of District 3. There were about a half-dozen signs planted between Elk Grove-Florin Road and East Stockton Boulevard.

Interestingly, Neuburger placed a sign in the direct line of vision for drivers leaving Shortline Lake - the neighborhood where rival Detrick resides. Unless it is removed, Detrick will, or, has undoubtedly eyeballed one of his challengers sign.   


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