Elk Grove Week at a Glance - Week of July 17

July 17, 2017 |

Key Dates
07/18     Assembly Member Jim Cooper Town Hall Meeting (Council Chambers, 6 p.m.)
07/18     Multicultural Committee Meeting (8380 Laguna Palms Way Conference Room, 6 p.m.)
07/19     Disability Advisory Committee Meeting (Council Chambers, 6 p.m.)
07/19     Capital Business Exchange (The Falls Event Center, 6 p.m.)
07/20     Planning Commission Meeting (Council Chambers, 6 p.m.)
07/20     Committee for the Arts Meeting (8380 Laguna Palms Way, Conf Rm 2c, 6:30 p.m.)
07/23     Old Town Elk Grove Farmers Market (Old Town Plaza, 8 a.m.)
07/26     City Council Meeting (Council Chambers, 6 p.m.)
07/27     Strauss Festival of Elk Grove (Elk Grove Regional Park, 7:30 p.m.)
07/28     State of the County with Supervisor Don Nottoli (Falls Event Center, 11:30 a.m.)
07/30     Old Town Elk Grove Farmers Market (Old Town Plaza, 8 a.m.)
07/30     Animal Adoption Event (Petco @ 7715 Laguna Blvd., 11 a.m.)
Council Meeting Agendas:


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