California Northstate University posts on YIMBY Facebook page; would be well served to remember Proverbs 16:18

As 2019 winds down, the biggest story of the year for Elk Grove is undoubtedly the hospital proposed by California Northstate University. Unveiled late last year, the proposed 400-bed $900 million hospital became an instant controversy. 

After the December 2018 announcement, the proposed hospital generated an active resistance to the project by a group of residents, mostly in the Stonelake and Lakeside neighborhoods. Those residents formed a group called NEST - Neighbors Ensuring Sincere Transparency. 

Among their many activities, the members have started an advisory signature drive opposing the hospital, have protested events held by Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, voiced opposition to the project at various city public meetings, and have created a politically harsh environment for District 1 Councilmember Darren Suen who supports the project and is being opposed by several Lakeside and Stonelake voters as he seeks reelection on a by-district basis in 2020.

To counteract these actions, CNU has employed what many have characterized as a muddled, unfocused counter-strategy against their opponents. The city initially recruited former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis to represent their interests.

Davis, a Stonelake resident, came out in favor of the project, and in the course of his outreach, he said many things about opponents that were considered demeaning by neighborhood advocates. Since that stumble, Davis' role with CNU has gone stealth.   

Following Davis'  mishandling of public relations, CNU recruited Brian Holloway of Holloway Land who in his interactions, most recently at a Suen political meeting, advocated for the eviction of tenants of the CNU-owned Stonelake Landing shopping center, which is the site of the proposed hospital. After they evict tenants from the shopping center, CNU plans to demolish the facility.

Tonight the school posted a link on the Facebook page advising followers of their new web address. The Facebook page, launched earlier this year, has 105 followers, and as of this posting, the first since August, has not been liked or shared since its late afternoon posting. 

Interestingly, clicking through to their new website address, CNU continues promoting its aggressive construction schedule. Notwithstanding qualified counter-opinions debunking their claims, CNU nonetheless is saying construction will start next year, and the project will be completed by 2022.

With uncertain financial backing and what will likely prove to be a lengthy approval procedure beyond the City of Elk Grove, CNUs aggressive schedule is reminiscent of Proverbs 16:18pride goeth before destruction.  

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