Councilmember flummoxed by Elk Grove campaign contribution questioning

At a meeting intended to smooth some rough political edges for an Elk Grove City Councilmember did not go exactly as planned last week.

The political meeting, organized by Councilmember Darren Suen and a campaign consultant from Capitol Campaigns, was meant to address lingering concerns about his involvement in a controversial proposed hospital in Elk Grove's District 1. That project by California Northstate University, which Suen came out in support of last December, has hurt his reputation with many voters in District 1.

In the video posted below, Suen was flummoxed by Elk Grove resident Amar Shergill who questioned him on campaign contributions. The comments were recorded during the Wednesday, November 6 meeting held at Dreaming Dog Brewery in Elk Grove. 

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

If this wasn't a quasi-campaign event, why did Darren Suen bring his paid campaign consultant; who is pictured in the background? The consultant, by the way, inserted himself into the discussion defending Suen when the questioning got too much for Suen to handle on this own.

If Suen needed staff support, and not put City Manager Jason Behrmann is a position to be questioned, the city council's admin could have attended so that there was no appearance of this being what this was, a campaign event along with damage control for Suen.

White Hat said...

Amar Singh Shergill pushed and pushed for by district voting, and you got it. Amar Singh Shergill praises Kathy Persons Engle for her question in regards to how Darren Suen is going to sway the other council members to vote against the hospital. I’m sure the other council members will listen to their constituents and vote for the hospital, after all, the people of Elk Grove are saying they want a hospital. As the old saying goes, be careful of what you ask for.

Randy Bekker said...

White Hat, you are so correct. They have put Suen on blast for months but they need to look in their own backyard with Ly. Out of state money, lots of money from CNU. Ly is aligned with all of them but gets a pass, why is that? O an by District voting ya each council member will need to know how their district feels about all these new projects. CNU most everyone wants a hospital they may not know everything about CNU but right now they just want a hospital. Those in favor of by District are going to get there wish in seeing 3/2-4/1 votes from the council. Those citizens fighting against these new projects will be on the losing end as they lost the power to vote against all council members. Yup be careful what you wish for, history does repeat itself!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

On a separate topic, it seems the Mayor emeritus, Mr. Gary Davis, has fallen off the radar.

Spoons and Forks said...

By district, at large, from district, or whatever permeation we vote under, it doesn't matter. If the school gets their cash, the city council will react like Pavlov's dog - they salivate at the thought of getting that cash in their pockets. As long as they get the cash, the city council will vote 5 - 0 for them.

As for Gary Davis, as long as Elk Grove Honda runs those silly ads, I will not go there.

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