Top 20 paid public employees in City of Elk Grove, 2018

Elk Grove city attorney Jonathan Hobbs. | 

If you are curious about pay for the City of Elk Grove's top executive employees, this week the Sacramento Business Journal compiled public information revealing the top-paid employees for 2018. The Business Journal gathered data from the website Transparent California.

Among the findings, the person making the most money last year is no longer an employee. The highest-paid current city employee heads a department with problematic performance issues.  

Also, white males continue their dominion of the upper echelons of the city's non-police executive staff. 

The video below shows the top 20 paid employees for 2018. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Boy, the Police Department sure features prominently in the top 20 list. A couple sergeants earned over 25% above their annual base salary in overtime. Seems like the city is always hiring new officers, so I'm confused!

City Attorney Rudy Hobbs is earning a nice salary acting as key delegator to his old firm, Kronick, Moscovitch, blah & blah. I sure hope he doesn't have a vested retirement profit sharing plan with them. or else I would ask why all this work goes to them. Maybe it's time to go out to bid for on-call legal services?

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

I am mildly surprised that Mr. Christopher Jordan is not on the list, but Mr. Darren Wilson made the cut. It seems Mr. Jordan is doing Mr. Wilson's planning work, but not getting the pay.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Cap, I believe Mr. Jordan, or as he is affectionately known as CJ, will probably be on next year's Top 20 list. I believe CJ was chosen to head up a new department, something about Innovation and Strategic Planning, and was given a hefty pay raise to put him on par with Mr. Wilson.

Government work is the hot ticket around the Sac region. UC Davis concluded years ago that the Sac region relies on government and construction to sustain its economy. So as a worker, this means either pound nails for a living, or pound a computer keyboard in a cubicle and sit in a Wellness Room on break!

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