Elk Grove News Podcasts - Funding battle looming between Southeast Connector JPA, Sacramento Transportation Authority?

One of the more interesting measures that may show up on the November 2020 ballot for Sacramento County voters is a proposed sales tax increase from the Sacramento Transportation Authority to fund a yet undecided number of countywide transportation projects.

Getting voter approval might be as tough as building a consensus between urban and suburban stakeholders just to get the measure on the ballot. 

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Isn't Elk Grove City Council member Pat Hume being on both boards a conflict of interest? What about his bias? Are the residents of Elk Grove being fairly represented on the STA because Hume can’t leave his prejudice at the door. Hume's smug comments here are evidence of that which appears that Don Nottoli didn't appreciate. I guess Don is still the grown up in the room.

Hume has been on the Southeast Connector JPA since its inception because of developer interests and the land in the transition zone. He has always put that board first before anything else.

When Hume was called out about the land in the transition zone, and a potential conflict of interest regarding his extended family’s land ownership in the transition zone, Hume cried foul because of consanguinity.

In these days of blended “modern families,” blood or not, family is family, and you can’t tell me that Hume isn’t looking out for his family’s financial interests.

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