New member appointed to Elk Grove Planning Commission

Following lengthy public comment and deliberation, last during their regular meeting, the Elk Grove City Council confirmed an appointment made by Mayor Steve Ly to the Elk Grove Planning Commission.

By a consensus of the four city councilmembers, Tong Lin, a District 4 resident, won the appointment. Lin replaces Kevin Spease, who resigned from his position in December. 

The city received 15 applications for the position, and by the time of last night's city council meeting, two had voluntarily withdrawn their names for consideration. Although many of the applicants spoke at the meeting outline their experience, Lin had several supporters testify on his behalf.

Most notable of Lin's supporters was C.C. Yin, a well-known Northern California restaurateur. Yin has been a frequent financial supporter of Asian-American politicians in the region and founded the influential Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA).

A 23 year Elk Grove resident, Lin operates an import-export company and has owned restaurants in Sacramento and Santa Rosa. Lin currently works for APAPA as a special project manager. 

During their deliberations, Ly and the city council said they were also considering Hollis Erb, a District 1 resident, and Waldo Herrera, who resides in District 3. However, Ly and the council said they were impressed with Lin's community involvement and the number of supporters speaking on his behalf.

Lin will be sworn in during the Thursday, February 20 planning commission meeting.
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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

If the backgrounds of the applicants had been revealed prior to last night's meeting, the pre-ordained selection of Mr. Lin would have been obvious. Mr. Yin is a contributor to many politicians, including some of our Elk Grove City Council, and is considered a King Maker of many politicians, especially Asian-Americans.

It is of interest that Mr. Lin is a District 4 resident, so could this indicate Ms. Nguyen might not seek reelection in 2022? If so, given Mr. Lin's support from APAPA, he would have the financial resources to mount a strong campaign.

Even though the Planning Commission is a backwater for aspiring politicians - think Mr. George Murphey, Ms. Nancy Chaires, and Mr. Kevin Spease - Mr. Lin could be the commissioner who breaks that jinx if, in fact, that is the cards.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

With his appointment, we can also assume Mr. Lin received the VBRB (Vetted By Region Builders) Seal of Approval prior to the voting! Membership to the VBRB club now entitles Mr. Lin to a personalized rubber stamp. Welcome aboard!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

And CNU approved!

Atticus Finch said...

Lin needs to work on his verbal communication skills. As a public speaker, he leaves much to be desired. I suggest he join Toastmasters. My choice would have been Hollis for the obvious reasons, but we all know why she wasn't selected. Business as usual here.

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