Elk Grove News Minute - Could the Elk Grove Hmong Americans group drive a wedge between Elk Grove Mayor Singh-Allen and her councilmembers?

For several months, people affiliated with the group Elk Grove Hmong Americans have criticized and leveled allegations against Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen with claims of racism towards their community.

At this week’s city council meeting, they expanded their criticism. What are those ramifications? 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I firmly believe that in the world of politics, nothing happens by accident. But in this case, silence is not golden!

The silence of the four Councilmembers must be out of the new chapter of the Political Survival textbook. The mainstream press has also criticized the silence by Biden/Harris on the mounting Andrew Cuomo harrassment allegations, and that Biden seems to be avoiding speaking to the press.

Is silence the new leadership?

Randy Bekker said...

Is this more to do about nothing in the general population. Silence, no what people see is an active Mayor, Interacting, productively meeting citizens an businesses in a pandemic trying to make our city better not just photo op’s like our former Mayor. The group making noise would better serve their cause as being involved in their community trying to convince the population of their grievances against our Mayor. The group chooses to voice their disapproval towards Mayor Singh-Allen at the Council meetings or once in awhile around town but really 99.99% of the population don’t care, don’t follow, that they are to busy with their own lives and if anything see it as a distraction. The other Council members if anything only look at as a few folks expressing their rights. Some look at it as leftovers from an election. To think it will go any further I just don’t think so by yelling or threatening the Mayor. This group needs to make changes an know that people get turned off with their current tactics.

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