Who is accountable in Elk Grove?

Should city council members be held to account for the albatross known as 'The Promenade' or be given a pass In a recent pos...

Should city council members be held to account for the albatross known as 'The Promenade' or be given a pass

In a recent posting we posed the question; Elk Grove Promenade - who will be accountable for our temporary White Elephant? In response, reader Kevin shot back:
Who in Elk Grove can be held accountable for the national economy? How could this have been foreseen when this was approved 2 years ago?

Who do you hold accountable?

In short Kevin, the Elk Grove City Council needs to be held to account for all their decisions.

What is interesting about this particular reader is he also wrote a response to our posting about city council member Mike Leary's support of a tax kickback scheme for developer Reynolds & Brown while taking $6,000 (year-to-date) donation from said developer. Kevin says:
Mayor Davis also said he would also like to explore this option. Why is Leary singled out?

If you're going to take sides, maybe your website should be called Elk Grove Opinion instead of Elk Grove News.

As far as we know Davis has not received a donation from this developer and as it relates to this news site, Leary is currently involved in a heated campaign. If Davis runs for reelection or takes a donation from the developer for quid pro quo support of this tax kickback scheme, he too will need to be held to account.

While we salute Kevin's loyalty to council member Leary, it is interesting how he is trying to frame the debate about accountability. Kevin's defense of Leary's role in the Promenade debacle is 'who knew this would happen?'

On a local issue affected by national even global events, how could they have known?

Simply put, as Republicans, Leary and fellow council member Sophia Scherman have associated themselves with the party of 'personal responsibility.' Leary and Scherman need to be stand-up people and take account for their decisions.

We suppose this might be to much to ask of them. We are quite sure if things had turned out differently they would be shouting their own praises to the high-heavens.

Instead they are trying to sweep it under the rug. Nothing to see here people, move along!

If Leary, Scherman and their supporters are unwilling to be held to account for their decisions, especially those that are unsuccessful, it makes them just a couple more useless political hacks. Or worse, gas-bag hypocrites on the level of Rush Limbaugh, Ted Haggard or Larry Craig.

We deserve better.

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