Cosumnes Community Service District: Great Pension Plan

The Cosumnes Community Service District currently has two people drawing retirement salaries greater than $100,000. Both of the re...

The Cosumnes Community Service District currently has two people drawing retirement salaries greater than $100,000.

Both of the retired employees are former fire department chiefs. 

They are:

KEITH GRUENEBERG $186,110.64 annually 
MARK MEAKER $111,851.16 annually 

Your tax dollars at work.

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Anonymous said...

Quoting from an editorial on May 6:

The local governmental agency with the most retirees earning $100,000 or more is the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District. Fifty former employees of the Sacramento Fire Department receive pensions of more than $100,000. (Makes 2 look pretty good, doesn't it?)

That firefighters and police officers dominate the list of $100,000 retirees should come as no surprise. At the state level and almost all local jurisdictions, public safety personnel have the richest retirement formulas. If they work for 30 years, police and firefighters can retire in their early 50s with 90 percent of their last year's salary, which is usually their highest.

This is not just an Elk Grove problem. All local agencies around the state are facing it. Yet when the Gov suggested setting up a second tier of lower pension benefits for new hires after 7/1/09 the legislators didn't want to talk about it. This issue needs to come back and be faced. The State needs to lead the way and the local agencies will follow. None of them can do this without everyone else or they'd lose all their employees to other agencies who still have the higher benefits.

Pick a date - say 1/1/10 and say that anyone hired after that date gets a 2% at 65 formula with 2.5% at 60 for public safety (I know the numbers have to be negotiated with everyone and their cats - but you have to start somewhere - and you have to finish lower than the current benefit.)!

Anonymous said...

Ya, pick a date. But when you do realize that firefighters loose about ten years of life for the service they provided.

Toxic exposure over thier working carreer is the culprit.

How much it that lost ten years worth?

Anonymous said...

No problem here with Keith and Mark. What is Donna Hansen "retirement" costing us? Want to bet she ends up a "consultant" in another city. Donna and John Danielson had a more lot in common than their mutual dislike for one other and using "our" agencies as their personal battlegrounds.

Insania said...

I won't argue that exposure to toxins are hazards to their profession, but I don't believe that long serving fire department chiefs (formerly deputy chiefs and captains) face the same risks as those actually engaged on the line.

And to put a fine point on your argument, how much is that lost ten years worth? It's worth $1.86 million and $1.12 million to the public.

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