Elk Grove Juvenile Burglary Spree

Six Juveniles, one adult arrested in two separate daytime incidents Elk Grove Police arrested six juveniles yesterday and one adult in conne...

Six Juveniles, one adult arrested in two separate daytime incidents

Elk Grove Police arrested six juveniles yesterday and one adult in connection with two separate daytime burglaries.

In the first incident, Elk Grove Police report that three male juvenile suspects went to the front door of a residence on the 6800 block of Elvora Way at 11:49 AM and rang the bell. Not knowing the suspects, the occupant did not answer the door.

The three suspects then went to the backyard and attempted to gain entry by breaking the back door window. The occupant fled the house and called police.

Responding police officers located another suspect near the residence who they determined was acting as a lookout. Officers then located the three other suspects nearby.

The four suspects, all 15-years old, were arrested and transferred to juvenile hall.

The other incident happened on the 8800 block of Starfall Way at 8:08 AM after an officer initiated a vehicle stop for reckless driving. As the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, the 17-year old Sacramento male juvenile suspect stopped the car and fled on foot.

Officers established a perimeter and were able to apprehend the suspect and a search of the vehicle revealed a plasma television. Officers also noticed two other suspects, a 17-year old Elk Grove juvenile and 18-year old Tramiane Moore, leaving the general area where the first suspect was detained.

Witnesses positively identified all three suspects as having been seen leaving a house that had just been burglarized. Officers determined the plasma television had been stolen from the burglarized house.

All three were arrested and transferred to the county jail and juvenile hall.

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Anonymous said...

I see a pattern already. EG's crime is on the rise. This is what happens when people who cannot afford to live in the bay area buys into more affordable EG, but once they lose their (blue collar) jobs, it's time to prey on the folks who are at work, working hard to pay their mortgage.

At this rate, the only jobs open will be police, because crime is spiraling out of control.

Anonymous said...

Those Juvies are very lucky to be alive and not SHOT dead.

Anonymous said...

I think we all know what happens to our neighborhoods!

Anonymous said...

Crime seems awfully high for EG. which is not that big of a community. I wonder what the crime rate is in relationship to the population of EG.

Anonymous said...

Thats why I moved away from Elk Grove 3 years ago I watched our neighborhood go down the drain. we found out from a friend that alot of section 8 homes are in Elk Grove so that answers why the crime

Anonymous said...

Elk Grove Police are useless. I had 20K of gear stolen from my house. Not one phone call no follow up or anything. They probably caught these guys out of sheer dumb luck. EG cops should be fired and totally re-staffed with REAL police officers.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the punks didn't get shot.

and???? said...

No EGPD too busy hanging at the local restaurants... and they whine about not getting any federal aid... they are the highest paid PD in CA....

Anonymous said...

i know who those dumbasses are. dont even get why they did it. hella disappointed in em

Anonymous said...

Maybe the next time someone will catch or shoot them.

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