Elk Grove Charter Commission in Disarray?

The last several weeks have been tumultuous times for the Elk Grove City Charter Commission. In early October, Christopher Orrock resign...

The last several weeks have been tumultuous times for the Elk Grove City Charter Commission.

In early October, Christopher Orrock resigned his position as vice chair at the urging of Mayor Pat Hume who had appointed him. According to reports in the Elk Grove Citizen, Orrock was criticized by council member Steve Detrick for violating the city ethic code.

In that story Detrick accused Orrock of spreading rumors and acting like a “mole” who hides behind “blogs and third parties to wreak havoc.”

Orrock resigned prior to a specially scheduled meeting that was to decide whether or not to ask him to step down. Orrock is the husband of Cosumnes Community Services District vice president Michelle Orrock.

Monday saw the resignation of another commission member, Clifford Loveland. Appointed by council member Gary Davis, Loveland did not cite specifics reasons for his abrupt resignation.

Davis said he was unaware of any specific reason for Loveland’s resignation. Loveland could not be reached for comment.

Loveland’s resignation comes in the aftermath of a seemingly contentious public hearing over the further need of the commission at last week’s regular city council meeting. In that meeting council member Jim Cooper pushed to have the commission disbanded.

While Cooper commended the work of the commissioners, he questioned the further need of its existence. Cooper also questioned the public outreach efforts and policy items inserted into the proposed charter such as the two-thirds majority council vote requirement on several tax and assessment related issues.

Although Davis sided with Cooper that the commissions work had been completed, Mayor Pat Hume and council member Steve Detrick were, at that time, in favor of keeping the commission intact so they could conduct public outreach. Council member Sophia Scherman was absent.

Meetings cancelled to conduct public outreach

Following Tuesdays charter commission meeting, the city clerk’s office posted notices yesterday that the next two meeting scheduled for November 17 and December 1 were cancelled.

The minutes for Tuesday’s meeting are not yet available, however a city spokesperson Angela Frost confirmed that commissioners will hold multiple community group meetings. Frost said that the public relations concern, The Hoyt Company, will update the charter commission’s website as meetings are scheduled.

When asked if he believed the city council would not disband the commission, Commissioner Jake Rambo said that he would take the council on their word when they did not take such action last week. “They gave us a schedule, we're going to meet that schedule,” Rambo said.

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Malleus Codex said...

Looks like the Gang of Four will do the decidin' on any charter. The best thing that the citizens of Elk Grove can do is just VOTE NO on any city charter that is IN FACT crafted by the politicos vs the citizens of Elk Grove. Whata TOTAL SHAM!!!!!

James said...

When you say the gang of four are you referring to Cooper, Davis, Hume, & Detrick or are you referring to Detrick, Conley, Davis, & the Union?

john 11 said...

James "You Got IT " EGCC (Conley and crew) think they run the city. The have Davis and Detrick in their back pocket. Hope other people catch on

James said...

I think it is so funny that someone like Steve Detrick that sold his vote to the unions, lied on the record about his vote favoring the Catholic Church, and socializes with the community activist herself, would have the gall to accuse someone else of violating the "code of ethics". This guy has no ethics and the city is starting to open its eyes to the real Steve Detrick

Malleus Codex said...

Cooper, Davis, Hume...Along with Sherman...the Gang of Four!

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