Elk Grove Councilman Patrick Hume Seeks Extension of ‘Stay-Away’ Order

Respondent says Hume did not follow order; 8 hour phone call?

Respondent says Hume did not follow order; 8 hour phone call?

Elk Grove Councilman Patrick Hume will appear in Department 47 of the Sacramento Superior Court on August 20, 2010 seeking an extension of a previously issued stay-away order against a prominent Elk Grove political activist with whom he previously had been in a relationship with.

Hume, who is seeking reelection this fall to a second term, will seek the extension against Constance Conley, a political activist associated with the Elk Grove Community Connection and the Elk Grove Democratic Club.

The three year order was originally issued in July, 2007 and expired last month. The order said there should be no direct or indirect telephone, messages, mail or e-mail contact between the parties except regarding business matters involving the City of Elk Grove and that Conley could exercise her First Amendment rights.

According to court documents Hume is seeking an extension of the order saying that Conley “has continued to harass, threaten and other wise attempt to disrupt the business and personal life of Mr. Hume.”

Hume’s documents say that restraining order was issued in July 2007 after he was able to demonstrate a pattern of harassment by introducing text messages and e-mail correspondences. Hume’s document also say that Conley “seems to be obsessed with Mr. Hume’s current significant other Lisa Lent.”

The documents describe Hume as “unmarried and is in a relationship with Lisa Lent.” Lent is the immediate former wife of Bob Lent, a prominent member of the Elk Grove community and Rotarian who sold the property that now houses the unfinished Elk Grove Promenade Mall, former know as the Lent Ranch Mall.

Conley claims Hume's representations ‘one-sided, inaccurate’

Court documents from Conley’s attorney say that Hume’s characterizations since the issuance of the 2007 order are incomplete.

Conley’s documents acknowledges “there are hundreds of e-mails and hundreds of text messages” between them, but it asserts that Hume “has only painted half of the picture.” The documents say records verify that Hume had made and received numerous lengthy phone calls with Conley.

The document says that Hume “not only initiated numerous phone calls lasting in excess of an hour with Respondent [Conley], but further engaged in numerous telephone calls lasting in excess of an hour initiated by Respondent [Conley], all in violation of the Temporary Restraining Order.”

In one example, the documents cite a call on February 9, 2009 that lasted 486 minutes, or eight hours and six minutes.

Conley’s documents argue that given Hume’s own violation of the order he “has not met his burden by clear and convincing evidence that it is a necessity to continue the Temporary restraining Order for an unprecedented 5 more years.”

Conley’s document concludes by saying that both parties “should stipulate to a mutual personal Conduct Order to not contact one another.”

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Unknown said...

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. What about what lurks beneath the surface?

What about the fundraiser Conley gave Hume wherein he received at least $13K in contributions from developers? Hume's own campaign forms are proof of this. He certainly didn't seem to be inclined to "stay away" from Conley.

What about all the community meetings put on by Conley where Hume was front and center as host, moderator, special guest or panelist? Hume garnered much public goodwill and political capital in his association with Conley. He certainly didn't seem to be inclined to "stay away" from Conley.

What about the many, many times Hume and Conley were seen in public dining together and going to the movies together? He certainly didn't seem to be inclined to "stay away" from Conley.

What about the many other private parties Hume and Conley attended together with other public/appointed officials? He certainly didn't seem to be inclined to "stay away" from Conley.

Conley offered Hume a mutual agreement. Did Hume refuse? One call lasting 8 hours? What in the hell were they talking about for over 8 hours straight? (No bathroom breaks? Talk about bladder control.)

Why didn't Hume take Conley's offer? Isn't the Elk Grove Rotary Scandel involving Hume enough for him?

Josie said...

Lisa Lent...very interesting, what does lurk in the shadows? The word "Mall" seems to keep flashing in front of my eyes!

Has Mr. Hume forgotten he's an elected official that we expect to act in a professional manner, but keeps throwing his personal life out for all to see and it's NOT pretty. Does he think he's untouchable...we'll see come November!

Elk Grove Politics said...

What? Hume used somebody for his own political means. Shocking!

Unknown said...

Sounds like Hume had better use some of that $13K to buy a dictionary so he can learn the meaning of "stay away."

Elk Grove Politics said...

Conley offered Hume a mutual agreement? Why? To save his political career? Take the gift Hume!! Elk Grove residents are sick of your "affairs" and you are an embarrassment to Elk Grove.

Threats? Affairs? Scandals? Juggling Two Women? Rotary Membership? Code of Ethics Violations? Grand Jury? District Attorney Investigations? Developer Contributions?

Is this the legacy Hume had in mind when he ran for city council?

Renyen & Bardis can't save Hume this time with all their developer money. They are bankrupt and Hume seems to be telling all of Elk Grove that he is "morally" bankrupt as well.

Settle this matter Hume because your actions are turning the Conley/Hume/Lent triangle into Elk Grove's version of "War of the Roses."

Hume is an embarrassment to Elk Grove and the residents are sick and tired of being the "brunt" of his bad behavior!!!!!

Malleus Codex said...

I'll sure be lending any and all support that I can to George Murphey to unseat Ol' Pat. George is an unpright, honorable, dedicated citizen and servent of Elk Grove!! VOTE OUT HUME. ELECT GEORGE MURPHEY ! ! ! !

Unknown said...

Having been aware of the Hume/Lent connection for years, this article intrigued me enough to obtain the records. WOW!

That 486 minute phone call was from Hume to Conley. Bathroom breaks? I don't even want to know.

Hume made 6 calls to Conley on 12/2/2008 totaling 1.5 hours.

On 12/22/2008 Hume called her and talked for 97 minutes, called her again the same day and talked for and another 49 minutes, and then called her a third time on the same day and talked for 184 minutes!

On 1/24/2009 he called her and talked for 204 minutes, made two more calls totaling 31 minutes and then called again and talked for 307 minutes!

Who was obessed with who?

Unknown said...

Looks like the good councilmember has really stepped in it this time. He looks like he's his own worst enemy.

Unknown said...

I think I missed something. The story on another local website is that the woman is stalking Pat. Nobody said anything about alll the phone calls Pat made to her. I guess I got it wrong. I'm soory Ms. Connie.

Josie said...

LOL Stepped in it? I would say "big time" stepped in it. He obviously needs to get some new advisors...keep the ball rolling long enough and the truth will finally come out. You (Ms. C) were right to just sit on the sidelines until he and his cronies finally just hang themselves.

Elk Grove Politics said...

As an Elk Grove resident and Union leader, I attended the last Charter meeting Ms. Conley and her group put on.

I was appalled when Hume talked down to very person in that room, bragging that only “astute people” vote in the primary. Hume talked down and insulted every person in the room except maybe those whose agenda he was clearly representing, the anti-labor group who sat in the back of the room and made rude comments when someone with an accent spoke.

In discussing Hume’s obvious disdain for unions, which is indicative of his right-winged Dan Lungren Republican agenda with fellow union leaders, it was brought to my attention that UFCW8 endorsed Hume in 2006 as did the Sacramento Labor Council. Given his harsh opinions, I asked why? Answer was: Connie Conley.

It was Ms. Conley who made the calls and had the contacts. It was Ms. Conley and her influence that got Hume the large contributions and endorsements. It was Ms. Conley who told the leaders Hume would, even though anti-union, would be fair in his deliberation and apparently the leaders believed her. Now we all know that Hume doesn’t play fair. He used Ms. Conley and he fooled the voters.

Now that Ms. Conley is out of the picture and isn’t promoting Hume in the community, people will finally wise up that this guy needs to voted out and voted out by a landslide, sending a loud message to Hume that people are fed up with his arrogant and condescending manner.

Ms. Conley, you were duped. Next time listen with your head and not your heart. It is obvious that Hume used you for his own selfish needs. That is no leader in my book.

Elk Grove Politics said...

Isn't Hume a Guttridge? WOW!! I wonder what his family is thinking of all of the gossip involving what Hume has done, i.e., Lent, Conley, Rotary, and Hume's vices, etc.

One would think Hume would have thought twice before any of his bad behavior starts to spill over onto the Guttridge name.

Unknown said...

Fellow BIA Member,

Got the BIA's flyer inviting me to a fundrasier for Pat Hume on August 19th. Do you really think his re-election is a good idea, what with all the scandal surrounding him?

He must have caused one doozy of a scandal in order to be kicked out of the Rotary Club; a club apparently started by his grandfather Jim Guttridge.

What a disgusting mess Hume has gotten himself into this time. Needless to say, I will be sending my regrets to the BIA this time around.

Elk Grove Politics said...

Conley is being beat up on the that other website regarding her relationship with Hume.

But what that other website isn't reporting (and probably the reason for the hundreds of phone calls) is that Conley was worried about Hume and his "vices," some of which have been well documented at public events wherein he was present in his capacity as a councilmember. And she also wanted to protect the city from possible lawsuits.

Conley protected and defended him, but of course Hume isn't telling his "friends" on other website how much she did protect him from the gossip (most of which is true), his vices and other scandals to which she is privy.

And if people in the Hume camp think that eight hour phone call was one isolated incident, they are wrong, wrong wrong.

Hume is a fool for not taking the deal. Conley knows a lot, too much in fact, as Hume spilled his guts on all those late night phone calls, including I am told his family business, city business and community business.

I wonder if his uncle and boss, the iconic Mike Guttridge knows that Hume after "happy hour" had loose lips about Emerald Park Company and the 4Gs. Hume is being totally reckless in his behavior and it is finally catching up with him.

And the BIA is supporting Hume why? He couldn't deliver, as promised, the floodplain in the SOI. He couldn't deliver the Charter without prevailing wage; Hume let Renyen and Bardis out of million dollars in road fees due the city of Elk Grove (but other develpers paid their fair share -- could it be that Renyen and Bardis was collecting on the $250K they put into Hume's 2006 campaign -- we will dump $250K into your campaign and you just forgot about that one million in road fees for Laguna Ridge aka renamed by Renyen and Bardis Madera!)

Then when his BIA benefactors left Elk Grove high and dry, he then announced at a city council meeting that the city suing Renyen & Bardis for 1.4 million.

Hume needs to add another million to that. But when Renyen & Bardis had the money, he let them off the hook. Now Renyen and Bardis is bankrupt and the city won't see a dime. Beware other BIA members, you may be next.

The BIA needs to take a lesson from the Elk Grove Rotary. They certainly saw Hume as a liability!

Elk Grove Politics said...

Conley is being beat up on the other website because Hume isn’t telling his friends the truth. Hume’s vices are well documented especially at city events. Many a community member has witnessed Hume at events where he was representing the city in an altered stated. Conley tried to protect Hume and protect the city against any potential lawsuits.

And if Hume’s friends think that eight hour phone call is an isolated incident, wrong, wrong, wrong. There are hundreds of calls which lasted for hours and hours.

Conley knows a lot; in fact too much. Hume spilled his guts to her, telling family secrets, city secrets and community secrets on all those late night phone calls; some lasting all night long.

Has anyone asked his uncle and boss, the iconic Mike Guttridge, what he thinks about his nephew telling Conley secrets about Emerald Park Company and the 4Gs.

Conley offered a confidential agreement to protect Hume? Why would she do such a thing? Seeing that this is an election year, Hume seems to want Conley to sing like a canary.

Elk Grove Politics said...

Hey BIA member, what does the BIA think of Hume and how he treated Renyen and Bardis?

Renyen and Bardis poured $250K into Hume"s 2006 campaign both in direct contributions and sneaky independent expenditures (which is solely done to dump large amounts of money into a campaign late in the game trying to fool the voters as to the contributors).

People were buzzing why did Renyen and Bardis pour so much money into Hume’s campaign. What did they get in return? One didn’t have to wait long and they didn’t have to look behind door number one for “Let’s Make a Deal!”

Hume, along with this buddy, Mike Leary, championed a vote whereby they let Renyen and Bardis out of one million dollars of roadway fees owed the city of Elk Grove, meaning us taxpayers. All the other developers in Laguna Ridge had to pay their roadway fees, but not Renyen and Bardis thanks to Hume.

But what Hume didn’t count on is that Renyen and Bardis went bankrupt, leaving us high and dry in Laguna Ridge on back taxes.

Fast forward two years and Hume is mayor of Elk Grove. Hume took to the dais after one executive session to boastfully announce that the city of Elk Grove is going to sue Renyen and Bardis for 1.4 million dollars they owe us taxpayers in back taxes.

But too late Hume, Renyen and Bardis is bankrupt. We taxpayers aren’t going to get our back taxes; let alone the one mil you let them out of.

Nice deal Renyen and Bardis got on the backs of the citizens of Elk Grove. I wonder what other “deals” Hume is going to make to get reelected.

The citizens of Elk Grove can’t afford four more years of Pat Hume’s deals! If we do, no doubt we will get ”zonked” again.

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