Fourth Candidate Enters District Two Race

As of the Friday filing deadline a fourth person, David Cano, has entered the race for the District Two seat on the Elk Grove City Council. ...

As of the Friday filing deadline a fourth person, David Cano, has entered the race for the District Two seat on the Elk Grove City Council. Cano joins the race along with George Murphey and Davies Ononuwi to oust first term incumbent Pat Hume.

Although this is Cano's first "official" run for the Elk Grove City Council, he had announced in 2008 his intention to run for District 3 but discovered he did not not have proper district residence requirement for that seat. Cano's announcement came during a city council meeting that included a claim regarding an unnamed city council member.

"I am running for city council as an openly gay man," Cano said. "I figure if a person is in the city council can be in the closet, why not have two." 

Watch the video of his announcement below.

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Elk Grove Politics said...

Dave Cano was going to say much more, and he was going to name names, but was stopped by two members of the audience in council chambers, even going to far as to ask the police chief to intervene to protect the council member in question.

Cano was going to make a scene, not once, but twice at two different council meeting to publicly "out" the council member and to embarrass him with everything he allegedly knows about said council member which he said "came directly from Mike Leary."

But stay tuned, Cano has been overheard in the lobby saying that he is going to blow the lid off of this city during the campaign.

This election cycle with all the scandals, affairs, secrets and "outings" is going to be Elk Grove's version of "As The World Turns. . ."

Elk Grove Politics said...

Rumor has it that Pat Hume got kicked out of the Elk Grove Rotary because of his conduct. How does one get kicked out of Rotary? He is a sitting councilman whose family member was one of the founders. If true, it must have been something so heinous that his status in the community meant zilch to the club hierarchy which includes officers of the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce.

As reported on EGN, Hume brought the Rotary Four-Way Test to the council, boasting that he takes his “oath as a Rotarian very seriously,” including reciting the Rotary Four-Way Test to the audience from atop of the dais, acting like the all omnipotent King on the Throne talking down to the peasants.

It is, Of all the things, we think, say and do:
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Hume has flunked the Rotary Four Way Test twice, both as a Rotarian and as an Elk Grove City councilman.

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