CCSD candidates find common ground during debate

The four men running for two vacancies on the Consumnes Community Services District (CCSD) Board of Directors often found themselves in agre...

The four men running for two vacancies on the Consumnes Community Services District (CCSD) Board of Directors often found themselves in agreement during a candidate forum held last night in Elk Grove.

CCSD Candidate Rod Brewer
Held at the Elk Grove Unified School District's Trigg Education Center, Rod Brewer, Rich Lozano, Doug McElroy and Clifford Loveland all explained why they should be elected to succeed Keith Gruenberg and Elaine Wright who are both vacating their seats later this year.

The candidates were asked questions about the districts fire fighting operations, parks, budgetary matters and challenges facing the district over the next several years.

When asked about improvement to the fire department, all candidates with the exception of McElroy said they would reinstate one of the battalion chief positions eliminated in Galt. Brewer added that he would like to see additional training for the firefighters.

The answer on what should be done to improve parks provided a more diverse set of answers with Loveland suggesting more shade trees being planted while Lozano noted he has heard many complaints about excessive water usage at parks. Brewer said that there seems to be a growing enforcement problem at parks that needs to be immediately addressed before it progresses into a bigger problem

"There is smoking paraphernalia and other things there that are not appropriate for children," Brewer said. "That safe haven has been compromised." 

Brewer added that if the parks begin to deteriorate, they can become crime magnets.

On the question of financial challenges, McElroy noted that district cash reserves have declined from over to $50 million to a projected $19.5 million by next year. McElroy said the district's pension program needs revision.

"Existing employees are going to have to pay into their own pension," McElroy said. 

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James said...

It was clear to me as an observer that Rich Lozano and Cliff Loveland are far and away superior candidates to the other two. McElroy was so agitated when Lozano questioned him on reinstating the Battalion Chief position. He wanted to keep reminding everyone that he had been on the CCSD Board for 16 years, but wasn't he part of the Board that hired Donna Hansen and sued the City?
The voters spoke two years ago and said loud and clear that we were tired of the policies of the past and voted McElroy out, he even lost to Sandy Russell but then again so did the rest of us.

Josie said...

Very nice, informative meeting. That being said, I'm always surprised that more residents do not attend so as to become more informed. Hopefully there will be one or two more for people to take advantage of.....maybe open to questions would be good.

I too believe that the districts pension fund needs to be revised. Much too costly.

As to McElroy being agitated, that must have been when I turned my head and missed it. I thought they all did well with the questions asked....

And James, you mentioned Mr. Loveland, trying to place him...wasn't he on the Charter Commission with Jimmie Johnson, Jake Rambo and others? Have to check that out. My memory must be failing me. :-)

Elk Grove Politics said...

James wrote above regarding Doug McElroy: "He even lost to Sandy Russell but then again so did the rest of us."

James aka Jimmie Johnson aka whomever uses this same sign-on name, Sandi Russell ran a different campaign, had only four people working on her campaign, a campaign that reasonated with the people, spending less than $3,000 doing so. I think that is pretty impressive given local campaigns in Elk Grove and how much money is spent. Obviously Sandi and her team of three knew how to campaign with very little money.

And yes, she almost won and we were very proud of what she was able to do. She let two of her team go two weeks before the election to work day and night on Steve Detrick's campaign, saying that was the more important win.

So "James," what is your key to a winning campaign? And quite frankly, it isn't misquoting the Elk Grove Chief of Police or distorting our city's crime stats.

And now let the attack begin . . .

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