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After an absence, EGN is pleased to announce the return of film reviewer Maricor Capulong. By Maricor Capulong Directed by Jonathan Le...

After an absence, EGN is pleased to announce the return of film reviewer Maricor Capulong.

By Maricor Capulong

Directed by Jonathan Levine
Starring Joseph Gordon- Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick

I have to admit this movie has some funny moments. The bromance that two stars, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen had has great chemistry, yet aside from that, the movie was otherwise bland and lacked any real heart felt sensitivity to what a person with cancer would truly feel.

It was like watching a lit candle and just staring at the dancing light, when its blown out, your just left to wonder "Why in the hell did I stare at it for so long?"

The producers had a hard time titling this movie, and with good reason, anyone seeing this movie would have easily thought it was an instruction movie to pick up chicks. Use Cancer as a positive tool to get laid with hot women! -not. Sensitive? Heart warming? Not at all.

The story is plainly cut and dry. A healthy yuppy male finds the world shaken upside down with the discovery of a lower back tumor. The yuppy male takes it upon himself to re-asses his life and his goals for the future.

A notion that should have been the core of the movie, but often overshadowed by the ever annoying Seth Rogen. The movie is based on Will Reiser's own battle with cancer and how his friend, Seth Rogen (who is basically playing himself) helped him through the hard times. Now his is proof that, in fact, Seth Rogen is playing himself in all the movies he has been in. Pineapple express, 40 year old virgin, and Zack and Miri make a porno all have the same character. A pot smoking smart alec who has a heart of gold and a friendship to dream of.

The film does not lack heart, it does not fall short of some tear jerking scenes. Yet not really relatable in relation to the actual Joe in the real world who gets cancer and has no insurance. I don't feel for the main character whatsoever, I am lost at what the film really truly is. Is it a love story? Is it a bromance movie? Nothing stands out to make this film have a relatable stance.

This is a good movie that should not be taken seriously, but enough for giggles and laughs.

50/50 is not a movie that fits well with other hard hitting social issues drama. It may not be meant to be seen as a socially aware film, but it should have and could have been.

It deserves <3<3<3 3/5 hearts because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt brilliant performance.

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