Thoughts and Musings on the 2012 Elk Grove Mayoral Race

Today is the first day of October which means the 2012 elections are a mere 13 months from now. Although it is a tired cliche' that won&...

Today is the first day of October which means the 2012 elections are a mere 13 months from now. Although it is a tired cliche' that won't be used here - this will be historic election, just like the 1872 election! - the 2012 elections will be drama filled from the bottom of the ticket to the top.

Lets start at home, the bottom of the ticket.

Starting at the top of the bottom, in 2012 Elk Grovians will have the opportunity to directly elect their mayor. Although the position will be under a weak-mayor system, the position will give the opportunity to whoever wins to use the title as a real opportunity to advance the city. Think of what Joe Serna did as a so-called weak mayor!

Right now the only declared candidate is Council Member Gary Davis. Having built an impressive resume of accomplishments and a burgeoning political machine, Davis would seem to be the odds on favorite to win even though there are no other declared candidates.

Speaking of possible candidates, there were a couple names kicked around. One name was Davis' fellow council member Pat Hume.

Hume has not made any indication recently he is interested in running. Although Hume is an intelligent fellow, he is a lazy campaigner with no accomplishments to point to in a bid against Davis. Hume is smart enough to know he has reached his political peak as a council member and is probably content in that role.

Another name heard through the grapevine is former Elk Grove planning commissioner, Tim Murphy. The former Mike Leary appointee and Republican party favorite would get his party's endorsement and could raise a fair amount of money to make himself a viable candidate against Davis.

Of course if Murphy enters the race against Davis (or council member Jim Cooper for that matter) expect to see a lot of dirt. Who can forget the hit piece Murphy and fellow Republican party operative Dan Brennan sent out on behalf of Pat Hume in Hume's race against George Murphey?

Could Murphy win in a one-on-one race? Probably not.

To start with he doesn't have Davis' name recognition and Elk Grove is increasingly becoming a Democratic city. But as we all know 13 months is an eternity in politics and any anything can happen.

Nevertheless, Murphy would be hard pressed to beat Davis.

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