Elk Grove Highlights Fox 40 Evening News

Fox 40 says the Elk Grove Promenade is a "massive eye sore." In case you missed it, KTXL TV, Sacramento's Fox40, just fin...

Fox 40 says the Elk Grove Promenade is a "massive eye sore."

In case you missed it, KTXL TV, Sacramento's Fox40, just finished their special "on the road" feature of Elk Grove.

While the feature was aired at 5:30 p.m., it had a feeling more akin to a bright and cheery feature you would see on any number of morning infotainment programs.

The feature included an helicopter interview with Mayor Jim Cooper, a chat with city economic development director Randy Starbuck and a few people on the street interviews. The program was something that the chamber of commerce types will drool over.

It did briefly address a few of the the 800 pound gorillas in the room such as Elk Grove's staggering foreclosure problem and the half-built Elk Grove Promenade Mall. If you were looking for a Frontline type report on the city this was not the case.

All that was missing from this piece was some zany morning crew radio types or Mark S. Allen antics. But hey, lets not forget this is a Fox affiliate.

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Anonymous said...

It was so misleading and full of empty fluff. For example, they featured the lakefront Laguna West housing tracts, but reality check please: the County approved Laguna West prior to the City even being incorporated. The City's claim to fame is its "premier" Laguna Ridge, but they have watered that project down so much to appease the developers, it is just another run of the mill cookie cutter development featuring a future Walmart and no lakes!

Then the Mayor may have been suffering oxygen deprivation in the helicopter because he mentioned those environmental jewels, Cosumnes River Preserve and Stone Lakes Wildlife Refuge. Reality check please: Neither of those are in the City, nor did the City promote or financially contribute to them. In fact, they pulled strings in Washington to encroach into the protected Stone Lakes preserve to build Franklin Blvd. where the Raley's shopping center is. And the City is attempting to further urban sprawl in the direction of the Cosumnes River, so watch out for those cars wildlife!

Anonymous said...

What is Mr. Starbuck drinking? First off, Howard Hughes is deceased, it's the "Howard Hughes Corp." The Mall is listed under "Strategic Developments" on the Howard Hughes Corp. web site. Does he not know that when you make those leading comments the residents of EG will demand some firm information from you....just ask Ms. Scherman. As my Dad says, "You talk the talk, you better walk the talk." The "Mall" is not an easy word for us to swallow. Read article: http://www.fox40.com/news/headlines/ktxl-elk-groves-promenade-mall-remains-a-work-in-progress-20120117,0,2083859.story

Sarah Johnson said...

I was disappointed by this report as well. Promoting it, they gave the impression that they intended to report on Old Town, but except for using some Old Town shots as background, they did not. Another thing. the Laguna Creek Parkway that was extolled in the report. is also something that is outside of Elk Grove and was paid for by the residents of the adjacent neighborhood before Elk Grove was a City. Sorry Fox 40, not enough homework done here.

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