Elk Grove Gathers Residents Ideas on City’s Last Unplanned Area

Even though most of the Elk Grove’s undeveloped areas were included in the city’s 2003 master plan, there is one area that was intentionall...

Even though most of the Elk Grove’s undeveloped areas were included in the city’s 2003 master plan, there is one area that was intentionally left unplanned – the so-call Southeast Policy Area. To facilitate the area’s long term plan, the city of Elk Grove held a planning workshop last night at a city hall to seek residents’ ideas on how development of the area should proceed.

The meeting, which was facilitated by Elk Grove Planning Director Taro Echiburu, sought residents ideas on how the approximately 1,200 acres on the city south side be developed. The area is roughly bound by Highway 99 on the east, Kammerer Road on the south, Big Horn Road on the west and Whitelock Parkway on the north.

“It is an important piece of property,” Echiburu said. “It is the only large piece that has not been planned.”

Among the approximate 20 participants was Elk Grove resident Ed Owens who expressed concern that the city might end up using the area for more homes.

“I just want to make sure we aren’t wasting our time,” Owens said. “We all know the history of Elk Grove.”

As part of the workshop, participants including Council Member Steve Detrick and Planning Commissioners George Murphey and Nancy Chaires broke into three groups and discussed what elements they would like included in the area. Although there was a wide range of ideas, most agreed the land should not be used exclusively for homes.

Participants specifically said the area should be used to attract jobs to the city and emphasized mixed uses including office buildings, business parks and residential uses to reflect changing demographic patterns. Other novel suggestions for the area included a recruitment of a four-year college and using the area to reflect the city’s heritage such as boutique agricultural operations.

After hearings the suggestions, Echiburu said the planning department hopes to have a plan in front of the planning commission and city council by this June. More information about the area is available at SoutheastPolicyArea.com.

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Anonymous said...

Understand the property owners/developers had a private meeting on this. They get to hear what the public said, but the public doesn't get to hear what they said! Guess the final map will be the picture worth a thousand words. T-R-A-N-S-P-E-R-A-N-C-Y.

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