Higley Seeks to Make Elk Grove 'Premier City' if Elected Mayor

Elk Grove mayoral candidate Greg Higley. With a focus on developing business, Greg Higley hopes to become Elk Grove's first directly ...

Elk Grove mayoral candidate Greg Higley.
With a focus on developing business, Greg Higley hopes to become Elk Grove's first directly elected mayor in November's historic election.

A 15-year Elk Grove resident and local small business owner, Higley recently entered the election to become the first directly mayor. In an interview Higley said his main focus if elected would be to attract business, work toward completion of the stalled Elk Grove Promenade shopping and center and transforming Elk Grove into a great city.

Higley said he was motivated to enter the race because the recession has plateaued city's growth and that it needs to be addressed. Also noting the loss of tax revenue from the uncompleted Elk Grove Promenade, Higley said that it's completion would be one of his top priorities.

"My Goal is to take it to the next level," he said.

Higley said he has spoke with representatives of the Howard Hughes Co., the current owner of the shopping center regarding completion of the project. "They are willing to talk and negotiate and get things done there," he said.

Another of Higley's top priorities is to attract a private university to the southeast planning area. Higley said a private university would help bring more money into the city and act as an economic development catalyst.

Over the next 20 years the biggest challenges facing Elk Grove according to Higley are redevelopment and growth and the development of the new multi-lane thoroughfare planned along Grantline Road as part of the Southeast Connector project.

Higley noted that road project will take up to 20 years to complete and the concerns of all stakeholders should be taken into account.

"The businesses and residents on both sides of that need to be comfortable with the development of the project," he said.

Another long-term challenge for the city will be public safety. Higley noted that while the current crime rate is not high, it can still be brought down. "I would like to address the gang issue in Elk Grove," he added.

Aside from operating the UPS Store on Elk Grove Blvd. since 2004, Higley has been president of owners co-op advertising for 72 Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto UPS Store owners. Higley is also a Vietnam era United State Marine Corp veteran.

Higley said he has the skills necessary to bring together people from the private and public sector and help Elk Grove to progress to the next level as a city and this is why he should be elected mayor.

"It's a good city," Higley said. "Now let's make it a premier city."

Higley's campaign website is www.greghigleyformayor.com

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