Aerial Mosquito Spraying Tonight in Elk Grove, South Sacramento

The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District announced that aerial treatment for adult mosquitoes that may carry the potential...

The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District announced that aerial treatment for adult mosquitoes that may carry the potentially fatal West Nile virus is scheduled for two consecutive nights beginning tonight. The spraying will happen from approximately 8:00 p.m to midnight over portions of South Sacramento County.

“Our surveillance efforts indicate high infection rates in these areas,” District Manager David Brown said. “Aerial spraying in addition to the ongoing ground treatments is necessary to quickly reduce adult mosquito populations, interrupt the virus transmission cycle and to protect public health.”

For the past few weeks the District has been closely monitoring the area of South Sacramento County where many birds have tested positive for WNV. On June 4th, 32 mosquito samples tested positive prompting the District to take immediate action.

“We’re very concerned because this season, West Nile virus activity came much sooner than previous years” Brown said. “A mild winter, a reduction in financial resources and an increase in regulations have resulted in the number of adult mosquitoes we’re seeing now. If this trend continues we will likely have a long and intense mosquito season.”

The area of treatment is approximately 30,000 acres from Elder Creek Road down to Elk Grove Blvd and from Bruceville Road on the west to Excelsior Road on the east and bordering with Grantline Road. Treatments will be made using either a pyrethroid or an organophosphate insecticide registered for use in mosquito control by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California EPA.

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Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

The aerial sprayers must have a passed over my house a half-dozen times already.

Hey fellas, quit applying dropping the Arc Light - this isn't Charlie down here!

Michael Monasky said...

The spraying on Monday and Tuesday nights exceeded the southern boundary of the intended zone.
I live about half a mile south of Elk Grove Boulevard, yet the airplane sprayed over my home and further south to Elk Grove Creek.
The mosquito district said that there was a drift of spray due to wind currents, but winds must be calm for spraying to occur.
Reported wind speeds for Monday were 10 and Tuesday 8 mph.
A 30 micron droplet is heavy, and would fall 300 feet from overhead in less than the three minutes it would take the wind to push it one half mile.
I think the district and Vector Disease Control Inc. oversprayed and exceeded the intended area.
Michael Monasky
Elk Grove, CA

Michael Monasky said...

Also, I could smell the chemical, saw spray coming from the airplane, and had to close my windows each night.
Michael Monasky
Elk Grove, CA

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