If Scherman Decides to End Political Career, One Thing Remained Elusive

Does Scherman have any more acts left for her political career? One more act possible? With yesterday's third place finish in the ...

Does Scherman have any more acts left for her political career?
One more act possible?

With yesterday's third place finish in the Ninth Assembly race coupled with the elimination of the district she has represented for the last 12 years, the sun might be setting on the political career of Sophia Scherman. A fixture of Elk Grove politics for close to 20 years, Scherman was elected to serve on the Elk Grove Community Services District board before serving on Elk Grove's first city council.

While Scherman was elected to the city council three times, there is one thing that was elusive in each of those victories.

The thing that eluded Scherman during her three victories was a majority.

When Scherman was elected to the first council she came in third place out of 21 candidates and got 8.9 percent of the vote. In 2004, she garnered 33.76 percent against five other opponents.

In her last run for city council in 2008 she improved and received 39.29 percent against three opponents. In each of her runs Scherman received a plurality, but never a majority.

Exclusive of the 2000 election, of the current council members only Scherman's political protege Pat Hume shares the distinction of never having been elected with a majority.

So with the assembly election in the books and the time clicking away to the end of her term, will this be the last time Scherman's name appears on an Elk Grove ballot. Or is Scherman ready for another act?

Given her ability to win with just a plurality of votes, is it possible Scherman could throw her hat in the ring and run to become Elk Grove's first elected mayor? To date Scherman has not officially endorsed any of the current candidates and given the fact she does have name recognition, the likely backing of the Sacramento County Republican Party establishment (against Democrat Gary Davis) and her ability to squeak out victories in a crowded field, it might make sense for her and local Republicans to try to keep her political career from sun setting.

If she were to enter and squeak out a victory that majority victory would still be elusive though.

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Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Depending on how much money, if any, Ms. Scherman has left from her assembly campaign, she could make a credible run for the mayor.

Also don't discount the fact that she could get the backing of the local Republican party who would like nothing more than have Elk Grove's first directly elected mayor not only one of theirs, but a Latina for good measure.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we can hear it now. Sophia will be pulling out her worn-out crying towel saying that her coming in third was a blessing and a sign because her heart really belongs to Elk Grove. So tearfully in her press conference, she is going to follow her heart, and the two people who asked her, and run for Elk Grove’s first elected mayor.

And has anyone else noticed, answering the Latina comment, that Sophia only brings out the Gonzales at election time?

Anonymous said...

This is all we need. Her as mayor.
No Way.. If you think we are in trouble now just wait. Also I don't think Gary is the best choice as well. Both of them have proven to be in it for themselves not us .

Anonymous said...

yes as we all see every election, she tries the "Gonzales" thing. unfortunately for her, that doesn't help if your a weak candidate. claiming your a latina in election time only makes it worse for her. if she was proud of her maiden name, she would use it all the time. not just for votes. she has her run. now time to move on ....

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