Lynn Wheat Enters Elk Grove Mayoral Race

The race for Elk Grove's first directly elected mayor grew by one today with Lynn Wheat's announcement that she will formally enter ...

The race for Elk Grove's first directly elected mayor grew by one today with Lynn Wheat's announcement that she will formally enter the race.

A regular fixture at Elk Grove City Council meetings for 12 years, Ms. Wheat said she was motivated to enter the race because of her concern the direction Elk Grove is taking. In particular Wheat pointed to land use matters, poor decision making, poor fiscal stewardship and regularly deviating from the city's general plans.

"I feel compelled to run for the office of mayor because I can no longer sit by and witness the poor decision making, poor fiscal stewardship, and piecemeal land use planning driven by politics and not by the general plan which was adopted in 2003 and was to be the guiding blueprint for our city," Wheat said.

A 21-year Elk Grove resident and registered nurse, Wheat said the city should address existing problems instead of the pursuing efforts to annex 8,000 acres through the sphere of influence process.

"We have thousands of struggling homeowners, renters and business owners who are fighting to financially survive while our city council members will have spent a million dollars of our tax monies to expand our current city boundaries by 8,000 acres," Wheat said. "Our current leaders say this is to bring jobs but they cannot seem to fill up our existing shopping centers vacancies and empty homes."

Wheat also said she will not be accepting monetary contributions in her campaign against the five other candidates already in the race.

"Recently, one council member publicly said that 'it takes a lot of money to run a campaign.' I feel differently," Wheat said. "I believe the public will hear the message I am delivering and will know that their vote can bring new leadership with true representation of what the people really want."

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Steve L said...

Outstanding! So glad to see Lynn step forward and try to better our city. She has good ideas, makes good sense.

She knows what is going on in EG and has always been a strong advocate for the citizens. Her point of view is determined not by the developers $$, but by what is best for the citizens $$ and their future, both short and long term.

She'll bring a fresh point of view to consider. Won't that be nice!

Thanks for stepping up, Lynn!

Sarah Johnson said...

I have great admiration for Lynn's dedication to bettering her community. It is not easy to step up and run for office and I hope residents of Elk Grove will show her "the love". Rarely do you see a person as determined as Lynn to speak out for what is right!

Anonymous said...

I have been impressed with what I have heard from Ms. Wheat as she speaks truth to power when in front of the city council. She has a much better grasp on the real issues facing our city than any of the other candidates, especially the current city council member in the race.

She will bring specificity to what the issues facing Elk Grove should be discussed in this election.

Anonymous said...

I agree with each of the above..what a breath of fresh air!

Someone who is willing to research the pros and cons of issues, a leader capable of collaborating with others to identify the best options and solutions to community concerns and advancing what is best for our community. A leader who is ready to unite Elk Grove...dust off & tune up!

Anonymous said...

To bad this isn't a two-person race. With so many people in the running, I would think that gives Davis an edge. If only the less informaed among those running would bow out and let Davis and Wheat go head to head. Sherman is only in the race bacause she is out of a job. The last thing we need is Sophia for two more years. From all I have seen and heard at council meetings, Wheat cetainly has the passion and knowledge of city issues unlike Braxmeyer who did not know what the connector was/is when he was asked. Davis is a politican. Wheat is a concerned and knowledgeable citizen. Davis needs to worry about those head to head forums. Wheat will shine through. Davis will stumble and bumble and twich.

Anonymous said...

Yes and Yes for Lynn. I bet Davis and Sherman are concern. they should be we don't want the same thing we have had for 5-10 years. Lynn will do well in the debates. She know what they have been doing the last 5 years.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Lynn Wheat's entry suddenly makes this a legitimate three-way race. Two long time pols against a well informed, smart and tenacious candidates. Oh yeah, three other candidates too.

Anonymous said...

I met Ms Wheat on Saturday, when she went house to house in Stonelake. What a breath of fresh air! She is a knowledgeable, sincere, friendly individual who is willing to put in the hours of personal hard graft to get her points across. She is relying on 'word of mouth' to spread the word about her campaign.

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