Should It Be This Hard?

For all the ballyhoo given about how Elk Grove has become such a business-friendly city, it is unlikely one long time Elk Grove business own...

For all the ballyhoo given about how Elk Grove has become such a business-friendly city, it is unlikely one long time Elk Grove business owner would give credence to that claim.

Dale Miles, owner of a long established car repair shop and gas station near Elk Grove's Old Town area, spoke before the city council last night explaining his frustration, delays and added cost of re-opening his business after a fire gutted his business over 17 months ago.

What Miles thought would take three or four months took 17 months. Based on his comments, Miles may have found his insurance adjuster easier to deal with that the City of Elk Grove.

While it may take a village to raise a child, it seems it takes only one person to impede a business from re-opening in this city.

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Anonymous said...


and what was all the Rah-Rah with our city council? Our city failed Mr. Miles and his employees, including this community. And why was a planning commission member taking it into his hands as "his" personal fix?

Lord knows, we need a little sunshine in Old Town and
Mr. Miles gave us that.

Anonymous said...

This entire re-build situation really shows how "infriendly" our city is to business. Dale has been a strong community supporter for over 20 years, and yet our city jammed him up time and again. I thought Gary Davis said at the last two forums that he was responsible for turning around our processes for start up businesses...he said our city received some kind of award for being business friendly...I guess we were in the running with the city of Bell...I feell soo sorry for Dale and I hope people take notice that our city needs to change its practices or we will never draw in new business. Thank you Dale for shaming the council into fixing this issue. You're shouldn't be this hard!!!

Someone who cares said...

So who the h--l is Frank Maita to dictate to a business owner what is aesthetically acceptable for his business? The Shell station is not within the OLD TOWN SPA to start with. Frank was way out of line and exceeded his authority to act on our city's behalf unilaterally. He should be removed from the Planning Commission immediately.

This stattion and it's owner have been a much better neighbors and small business owners than Frank and his wife have been.

Would they have kept their employees on payroll for 17 months while their business was closed?

There had been zero complaints regarding the Shell logo and facia submitted to the city council, so why does a small business owner have to wait 17 months and spend thousands of dollars to re-open his business?

Frank Maita and his wife need to retire.

"First Saturday's" in Old Town are a failure due to out of touch leaders not understanding what today's young adults need and want. It needs to be revamped completely, possibly with the youth council running the show.

Councilman Davis says EG welcomes small business here. He better wake up and look around. This business was here before Davis moved here, but he's been on the council since it burned down and Dale has tried to get back up and running. -17 months? Thousands of dollars? - Thanks for the help, councilman.

Anonymous said...

...and he can take that funny cowboy hat with him! This ain't no farm town anymore!

Dan from EG said...

Not only was Frank Maita way out of line, the city staff and the planning director, Taro Ichiburo are as much at fault, if not more. They made it so difficult for Dale to jump through all their hoops, costing him time and money....and the council continually allows this to happen.

When will the council wake up and sever ties to PMC. They have done enough damage to our community. Let them go elsewhere and ruin someone else's piece of America.

Dale F said...

It seems to me that Frank Maita owes an apology to Dale Miles.

Let's see if he has any integrity, class, and humility.

I'm hoping he's a big enough man to offer Miles an apology. If not, he should step down from the PC.

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