Applications For Elk Grove City Council Vacancy Now Available

Assembly Member Roger Dickinson implied Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires was being groomed to fill Davis' vacancy on the ...

Assembly Member Roger Dickinson implied Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires was being groomed to fill Davis' vacancy on the Elk Grove City Council. 

Dickinson's comments create political complications

Following Wednesday night's agreement by Elk Grove City Council Members to explore a possible appointment of a replacement council member for a coming vacancy, applications are now available for those interested in seeking appointment.

The tentative appointment process is coming after Council Member Gary Davis was elected Elk Grove mayor earlier this month. Davis, who is half way through a four year term, will resign his District Four seat to become mayor.

The council reached a consensus to seek applicants to fill the vacancy although council members Pat Hume and Sophia Scherman said they preferred an election to fill the vacancy. The appointment process will begin after Scherman leaves the council in December.

Mayor Jim Cooper and Council Member and Mayor-Elect Davis both strongly support the appointment for the remain two years of the term. Both said appointments to fill governing body's vacancies is not without precedent and that a special election could cost up to $500,000.

The process is complicated by comments made by Democratic Assembly Member Roger Dickinson of Sacramento who implied at Davis's campaign kick-off that Elk Grove Planning Commissioner is being groomed to fill the vacancy should Davis be elected mayor. Cooper, Chaires and Davis are Democrats and if Chaires is appointed it would give Democrats a majority on the council.

After the council reviews applicants, any possible appointment candidates will be nominated by council members and put up to vote. A majority of the four council members will be needed to make the appointment.

To qualify to apply for the vacancy the person must be a US citizen, be 18 years of age, a registered voter and resident of District Four. Application are available here.

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Anonymous said...

The whole process stinks! Mayor Richard J. Daley is probably smiling and giving a thumbs up from his grave though.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this stinks. We elected Davis, now why can't we elect his replacement?? FAIR is FAIR.
Write, call or email this council. Let them know this process stinks!

Anonymous said...

Nancy Chaires cannot be held responsible for what Roger Dickinson said. Roger has always been known to say what he believes.

Others have said they will be putting in the their name long before Nancy even responded to media inquiries after Roger's statement.

Billy Bats said...

Ms. Chaires has been on record expressing her desire to fill the positon. Dickinson says she is being groomed at Davis's event. Bada bing bada boom, Chaires is next council member in back room deal. That is how it works in the Mafia and politics.

Anonymous said...

She has been following Davis around like a puppy dog for several years now. The Machine recruits from the bottom up. When Dickinson made his now famous announcement in Davis's Machine headquarters in Elk Grove, there she was. When the Council discussed the appointment process last week, there she was with her husband like a prom queen waiting to get crowned...come on, this ain't no coincidence! The fix is in under the disguise of saving the taxpayers money.

Adele said...

Not so fast all of you know who think you know so much. "Rumor has" it Oscar O'con is interested as well. He has very close ties to many of the council members as well.

Three votes are needed to appoint and I don't see them agreeing on one person when the field is full with people the current council knows very well.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the citizens of Elk grove have no one to blame buth themselves . You voted to put gayr Davis in office. Have you not seen the handwriting on the wall.
Next your homes will bevaluued less because Mr Davis has been meeting behind closed doors to insure that the SOI gets apprvoed to benefit his develop sponsors and cronies.
Pack the city council meetings and ride Mr. Davis out of office and out of town on ethics

Larry Tate said...

It would be most welcome if Mr. O'Con and several other people who are interested in serving the community apply and not just those like Ms. Chaires who is nothing but a cog in Roger Dickinson's and Darrell Steinberg's Sacramento machine.

Perhaps one of the council members will have the courage to ask aspiring council members during the hearing if they intend to seek election to the office once the term has expired. It will be good to capture them on record as to what their true intentions are.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody really read this rag of a blog anymore? Seriously - it is worse than a gossip column.

The National Enquirer said...

Well anon, you obviously still read this, as you call it, "rag of a blog!"

Anonymous said...

It would be so much easier to read the handwriting on the wall if the spelling and grammer were better! Or was that a ploy to throw readers off the stench, er trail...

Anonymous said...

Jerry Braxmeyer should consider applying for the position or at least be considered by the current council considering he ran the best campaign against Davis for mayor. It still is completely unfair, though, that the citizens of Elk Grove can't elect the replacement to represent them. It needs to be decided by the constituents not by the greedy council who only looks out for themselves and their own best interests.

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