Take Aways From 2012 National Elections

The big race has been decided and President Obama has won by a narrow popular vote but fairly large electoral vote. What does it all me...

The big race has been decided and President Obama has won by a narrow popular vote but fairly large electoral vote.

What does it all mean - from SCOTUS to Obamacare.  

Supreme Court

The most overlooked long term effect a President has on the country are judicial appointments. With Obama's reelection, the President will likely have the opportunity to make one or maybe two appointments to the high court. This will likely be favorable for pro-choice advocates and those hoping for an eventual overturn of DOMA.

Is the Tea Party Dead?

Scott Brown was brought to life by the then burgeoning Tea Party movement in 2010, he died at the hand of the antithesis of the Tea Party, Elizabeth Warren. Ironically, in his short time in the Senate, Brown was part of a vanishing breed - a moderate Republican.

Besides Brown, Murdock and Akins in the senate races, Tea Party favorites Congressmen Allen West and Joe Walsh both lost in their second term. Their positions were too radical for most people as evidenced by being run from office after one term.

Good riddance.

When will GOP's get in tune with new social norms?

Amazing as it may sound, the Republican's got sucked into the argument over women's reproductive issues. This is an argument they will never win once they start to classify types of rape and can no longer use as a wedge issue as they have in the past. Get over it!

Two Republican senatorial candidates cost their party at least two seats; one pick-up and one solid seat. But ridiculous comments about rape and abortion from two middle-aged white males sunk that prospect.

They seem to get the message, at least enough not to talk about it, on the social acceptance on Gay marriage and Gays in the military as they barely came up on the election. But they just can't get past a bunch of middle age white guys mouthing off about women's reproductive issues.

Obamacare - From derision to complimentary?

With the President's reelection, Obamacare is here for good. Even if Republicans overtake all branches in 2016, it will be impossible to unravel it. Lets hope it works.

Can the fiscal cliff be avoided?

Will Speaker John Bonier be able to control his caucus? With the diminished Tea Party, will he be able to negotiate in good faith? Will Mitch McConnell not obsess on defeating the President?

Perhaps we can avoid the anxiety of the fiscal showdown of 2011.

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