Environmental Docs Posted For Project at Center of Sign Controversy

Project must first be rezoned Environmental documents for a proposed project that sparked an on-going controversy in Elk Grove over free...

Project must first be rezoned

Environmental documents for a proposed project that sparked an on-going controversy in Elk Grove over freeway billboards have been posted for public review and comment.

The proposed project by gas station developer Gil Moore sparked considerable controversy earlier this year when Moore sought to have the city's freeway sign ordinance changed to permit non-freeway-adjacent properties to erect freeway billboards. Moore said the success of his gas station-restaurant development on the northeast corner of Sheldon Road and E. Stockton Blvd., which is planned to include a McDonald's restaurant, hinged on placement of a freeway billboard.

To accommodate Moore's request, the city held a workshop last spring to gather public input on amending the city's freeway sign ordinance and is considering Moore's request. Lost in the sign controversy is the five-acre parcel Moore hopes to house a pizzeria, wine shop, yogurt shop, gas station and McDonald's, is currently zoned for high density housing.

Regardless of whether the city loosens the sign ordinance to allow for more freeway billboard, the parcel will need to be rezoned to commercial use. The environmental documents for the rezone has been posted and comment is being accepted until January 7.

The city has placed a mitigated negative declaration on the environmental impact report. The report can be seen here.

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Sarah Johnson said...

The ninute the NOI/MND was posted, I requested an extension of the review period. To have this fall right on top of the holidays adds insult to injury, in my opinion. The least they can do is give us a reasonable length of time for review , time that does not take away our family holiday time. It is not unusual to have a 45 day review period, but they only gave us 30 days, ending January 7th.

Anonymous said...

Another rezone!...as I mentioned in about 2005 we ought to rename Elk Grove to "Developers Delight" and the new city slogan could be "MND is alright"! How many McDonalds does Elk Grove need??
Sarah the city is notorious for slipping things through during the holidays! Good Luck!...and remember the campaign contributions!


Anonymous said...

Another project that is getting special treatment from the city. I predict the sign ordinance will be amended; Mr. Moore gets his sign; Detrick will get more money for his run for mayor in two years; Davis continues to smile and act mayoral; and Hume continues the silent push for the SOI since his family will profit due to his family holdings. Seems Elk Grove is proud to be the developers playground. What a shame. Where has our integrity gone? Where is our sense of community? What happened to the notion that Elk Grove was better run under our own steam? I have the feeling we've failed miserably.

Billy Batts said...

With the bags of money, er donations, delivered to the city council and a sham of a workshop, Moore is guaranteed his precious sign. "Streamlining" and "business friendly" is code for we are making is easier and cheaper for developer to pave over the city. Way to go fellas!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the residential neighborhood east of this project have been notified that their life, as they know it, could change drastically.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moore proclaimed to be a naive developer here. Didn't know nuthin' about the process, only one in the area that cared anything about Elk Grove and was a long time Elk Grove resident. Well, as time has passed we have come to see the cracks in the veneer of that "good 'ol boy" persona.

Mr. Moore is not an Elk Grove resident. He lives in Wilton. He just happens to have an Elk Grove address by virtue of his post office box located in an Elk Grove post office. Not the same thing as being a "resident."

Mr. Moore does, in fact, know the process very well. Witness all the money given to council members. For example, the most egregious is the $12,000 Moore gave to councilman Detrick and another $10,000 to Detrick progeny, Brian Detrick, for his psuedo-charity event in 2011.

Mr. Moore asserted that the other landowners in the area of his project did not care about Elk Grove, in fact, did nothing for Elk Grove. I think Mike Winn and Angelo Tsakopolus would beg to differ.

Mr. Moore now proclaims before the planning commission that he knows all about the process. Could this be because representatives for Winn and Tsakopolus have been in attendance at meetings regarding potential freeway signage and possible sale of city land for such purposes?

So are Moore's true colors showing? Which is it? Is he a simple country bumpkin fumbling his way along, or is he the sterotypical developer buying off politicians?

Not buying what you're selling Mr. Moore; not even your hamburgers, pizza or yogurt.

Phyllis Leighton

Anonymous said...

Elk Grove is the best city money can buy.

Anonymous said...

So what do we need to do to be heard? I do not want to allow the general commercial land use!

Sarah Johnson said...

What you need to do to be heard is to submit written comments to the City by January 21st. Then follow up by attending the hearings and speaking.

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