Review Period On Moore's Sheldon Road Project Extended

Citing the holiday season, the City of Elk Grove Planning Department announced this afternoon the review period for the Moore Sheldon R...

Citing the holiday season, the City of Elk Grove Planning Department announced this afternoon the review period for the Moore Sheldon Road project has been extended.

The new deadline date is now Jan. 21, 2013. The original date had been set for January 7.

Links to the project's environmental document are available here.

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Basketball Jones said...

Imagine you are observing a basketball game and a player throws up a perfect slam dunk. What do you, the spectator say..."who was supposed to be guarding that"? "That shot was set up so nicely we didn't see it coming"! "That player is so good, bet he earns a lot of money".

Extending the inevitable is so honorable isn't it?

Sarah Johnson said...

Whether it is honorable or not, we needed some extra time in order to review the documents, So, what's your point?

Basketball Jones said...

The project is a slam dunk--the only question now is how the fund recipients will word their voting statements.

Sarah Johnson said...

I can't control what others do, but I will never stand aside without being able to review docs and have appropriate input. Your skepticism is not my approach to this, but you do whatever you are comfortable with.

Anonymous said...

...."you do whatever your comfortable with", It's so nice that you gave your permission.

Charlie Marlow said...

There seems to be a collective dislike of this project and more importantly the sign ordinance that accompanies it.

It is good that the date has been extended and perhaps when this finally comes up for discussion at the planning commission and then the city council, a wide coalition of opponents of the sign ordinance can band together and apply pressure. Lets not divide on this, which play into their hands, rather we ought to band together and try to stop it.

Bookie Bob said...

The game is rigged my friends.

Sarah Johnson said...

I agree with Charlie Marlow. And Anonymous, what's with the snarky comments directed toward me? I don't deserve that.

Anonymous said...

California state ethics codes for elected officials states that a conflict of interest exists when a financial interest exists. By accepting a campaign donation from Moore a financial interest exists between each and every Council Member that was given a donation. Therefore they should be required to excuse themselves from any and all voted that would benifit said contributors.

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