Another Elk Grove Grocery Store Closing

According to a published report, Raley's has announced they will be closing their sole Elk Grove Food Source store.  The store, w...

According to a published report, Raley's has announced they will be closing their sole Elk Grove Food Source store. 

The store, which is located at the Marketplace 99 Shopping Center on E. Stockton Blvd., originally opened as a Raley's in 1994. The store was converted to their low-cost warehouse formatted Food Source two years ago in response to lagging sales and competitive pressures from non-union grocery stores.

The Bee reports that Oklahoma-based Lobby Hobby has expressed interest in the space for what would be their third craft and home decor store in the Sacramento region.

With the Food Source closure, there will be only two major grocery stores in Elk Grove east of Highway 99. A smaller Fresh and Easy store operates east of Highway 99 but their parent company is planning on selling or closing all their California stores.

Raley's continues to operate one Raley's and three Bel Air stores in Elk Grove.  

The Bel Air store on Elk Grove Blvd., also owned by Raley's, closed last year and has yet to find a tenant for the space. Last year also saw the closure of the Save Mart grocery store on Laguna Blvd.

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Field of Dreams said...

With each passing demise of a business in our central core, we become more of an auto-dependent suburb pushing its outer boundaries towards new development on virgin undeveloped land--the "cash crops" for developers.

Oh yeah I forgot, it's about jobs and stronger neighborhoods...minimum wage jobs and investor-owned rentals.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually surprised that Hobby Lobby would be locating there. They'e a large store and there's nothing in that shopping center that draws weekly customers, like perhaps a Grocer, Target, Kohl's, Walmart, etc. I like to cruise their store, but not likely I would be making that special trip there except maybe twice a year, if that. Of course I'm not into crafts that what do I know? :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Wal-Mart!!

You're killing off all competitors. Once you have your monopoly, you can charge whtever you want while keeping your employees under the poverty line.

I guess we have no one to blame but ourselves.

What a great country this USED TO BE.

Tom said...

I am surprised how long this store has stayed open given the fact that out of all the times I've been there, even before the Walmart Neighborhood Market opened, they have never been busy.
I count 2 Bel Air Markets and a Safeway.That equals 3 major markets. east of 99.

Elk Grove News said...

Tom, Thanks for your comment. The Safeway is north of Calvine which is in unincorporated Sacramento County, but is undoubtedly serves Elk Grove customers. Any sales tax generated there however do not make their way into Elk Grove coffers.

copperswife said...

I think that Hobby Lobby will bring a lot of traffic to that little shopping center. Burlington is in the old Mervyn's building, and Hobby Lobby is a very popular national chain.

It's certainly sad to see more of our local businesses close. Raley's has been a Sacramento mainstay for decades. I'm counting three grocery stores on the east side, too. Don't forget the SaveMart on EG-Florin and Bond.

Elk Grove News said...

Stand corrected. Forgot to include the Save Mart in the count. So we are back to three.

Anonymous said...

To bad that store had to close. At least it sounds like it will not stand empty like so many of our retail sites.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Wonder how Joann's and Micheal's will adjust their business model.

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