Elk Grove City Council Member Files Assembly Papers

Elk Grove City Council Member Jim Cooper. According to published reports, Elk Grove City Council Member Jim Cooper has filed papers indi...

Elk Grove City Council Member Jim Cooper.
According to published reports, Elk Grove City Council Member Jim Cooper has filed papers indicating a possible run at the California State Assembly.

Democrat Cooper reportedly filed papers with the Secretary of State to create an exploratory committee for the state's 9th Assembly district. The 9th, which includes Elk Grove, is currently represented by Dr. Richard Pan who earlier filed papers to run for the Senate seat being vacated by Darrell Steinberg in 2014.

A city council member since Elk Grove's 2000 incorporation, Cooper is a captain with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department where he unsuccessfully ran against current Sheriff Scott Jones in 2010.

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Here we go again said...

So this does mean that Cooper will step down from the Elk Grove City Council in case he wins to avoid the appointment process for two years and/or another $500,000 for a special election?

Or will Cooper keep his council seat as a safe place to fall if he doesn't.

After all, he has stated this is his last term on the council, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

"O, what a tangled web we weave" here in this wonderful city of Elk Grove. LMAO

Billy Bats said...

Real trend developing here.

First Step - raise bucket loads of cash and win a seat on the council.

Second Step - have so much cash on-hand that you effectively scare off any viable opponent and roll that cash over for other political purposes.

Third Step - After winning a full four-year term, run for some higher office half way through your term.

Fourth Step - If you win, which looks like the developing trend, have one of your political cronies appointed to the council for a couple years, raise a bucket load of cash and repeat step two.

Fifth Step - Repeat step three.

Sixth Step - Repeat step two.

Get the idea?

Before you know it, there will be a portion of council that will always be appointed, who has the power of incumbency to raise cash from the big donors to ward-off any opponents, run for higher office mid-stream and then have a political crony appointed to your vacancy and repeat the whole thing over and over.

Diabolical, but oh so effective. This is machine politics at its best.

The Game is Rigged said...

Throw in the developer lobby and we've got one big Monopoly game. Cash being thrown around like its funny money; real estate trading hands with sweetheart deals; homes being wheeled and dealed; and politicians playing musical chairs like it's a cakewalk party. All we need to add to those wayfinding signs are "Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 signs!

Anonymous said...

Who are the local Republicans going to come up with to run against Cooper? Detrick? Hume? Orrock?

Now wouldn't that be one to watch? A battle royale. Get out the popcorn, it might be worth the show!!

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this evening's Main Event. Live from the MLS soccer stadium in Fast Food City, Get Rrready to Rrrumble!!!

Silent Dogood said...

Funny I guess Coop thinks he will walk into this seat based off no one running against him?

Let's look at past history, although he did beat Lawanna she did got almost 35% of the vote and she is crazy.

When Coop ran for Sheriff he did not win Elk Grove.

Another strong Democrat could easily come in and beat him.

Anonymous said...

Wow don't foget Gary Davis. He wants this as well .

Anonymous said...

I say "Good for Him." He's served us well and wish him nothing but the best in whatever endeavor he undertakes when he chooses to leave the city council. We always knew where Mr. Cooper stood on an issue...maybe not always to our liking, but honest about it anyway.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Capt. Cooper has done an honorable job with the Sacramento County Sheriffs' Department and has adequately performed his duties for the city. With a safe Democratic district for the next 10 years, Capt. Cooper will ride off to the political sunset in about 16 more years.

The question we must pose is this - where does this put Mayor Davis in the next few years?

Anonymous said...

OH PLEASE NO!!!! Just who we need representing Elk Grove....someone who falls asleep at our city council meetings!!! He's arrogant and self serving and this is ridiculous!!!!! I'm sure he has the same plan as Davis if elected...to hold his seat so he can stack in his favor who he wants to sit in it....what nonsense!!!! People of Elk Grove...get involved...don't allow this to happen!!!!

David Webb said...

Billy from above is absolutely right.Our local EG gov't is taking the democratic process away from it's citizens at our cost ($500,000 per election).

This needs to stop immediately.

The procedures for replacing a sitting council member need to be established and codified ASAP.

No appointment process, no special elections. Make the sitting council member renounce his seat before the general election so that a replacement can be voted on by the people.

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