UPDATED - Juvenile Arrested For Resisting Arrest;

UPDATED 4:45 pm  A Sacramento juvenile was arrested yesterday afternoon after he was contacted regarding a separate incident involving ...

UPDATED 4:45 pm 

A Sacramento juvenile was arrested yesterday afternoon after he was contacted regarding a separate incident involving another suspect who was reportedly witnessed on Elk Grove's Monterrey Trail High School (MTHS) campus in possession of a gun.

According to Elk Grove Police, a 17-year male old was contacted by Sacramento County Sheriff’s and Elk Grove officers at a nearby restaurant in connection with the MTHS report. The suspect was reportedly uncooperative with officers which led to him being handcuffed.

When officers attempted to place the suspect in the back seat of a patrol vehicle, he tried tried to run away and officers struggled with the suspect who actively resisted.

During the struggle, the suspect stomped on and destroyed a pair of officer`s sunglasses. The suspect, who was not the MTHS gun suspect, was eventually taken into custody for resisting arrest then transported to juvenile hall.

The other suspect at the MTHS was separately apprehended. See a description of those event in the comment section below posted by the principal of MTHS.

The Sacramento Sheriff's Department and the Elk Grove Unified School District have not responded to information requests regarding the status of the suspect found to be in possession of the replica gun. EGPD did not have any further information regarding the MTHS incident.     


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Anonymous said...

Dear Parent/Guardian,

On Tuesday, at about 3:15 p.m. during dismissals, we received a report from a parent that a young man, who was walking in the parking lot, had dropped what looked like a handgun and then stuffed it back into his pocket. The suspected “handgun” later turned out to be a toy gun. School administration contacted law enforcement who immediately responded.

Officers located the youth, who was not a Monterey Trail High or Edward Harris, Jr. Middle school student, and located the toy gun. We also received reports that this same youth had been directed to leave campus by an administrator and campus supervisor. As a result of this investigation we had an increased police presence in front of campus yesterday.

We have used this incident as an opportunity to review our safety procedures again to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep our campus safe. It also illustrates the importance of everyone keeping their eyes open and communicating anything suspicious. At Monterey Trail High School we tell our students, staff, parents and community that “if you see something, or know something, say something.”

I’d like to thank the parent, administrators, campus supervisors, staff, the EGUSD Police Services division, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and the Elk Grove Police Department for their vigilance and dedication to safety at our school. Thank you for all you do maintain safety and order at our site. If you have any questions, please call me at 916-688-0050.


David Byrd

Principal - Monterey Trail High School

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