Price Point For Elk Grove City Council Could be Determined Tomorrow

When they conduct their regular meeting tomorrow night, the Elk Grove City Council will not only determine whether there will be an app...

When they conduct their regular meeting tomorrow night, the Elk Grove City Council will not only determine whether there will be an appointment or a special election to fill the District 4 council vacancy, a fundamental economic principle will be demonstrated - determining a price point. 

The exercise will be on display as part of the council deliberations as they consider changing the city's highway sign ordinance. The proposed sign ordinance came about because a solitary gas station and fast food restaurant developer badly wants a highway billboard sign to attract a McDonald's restaurant to his proposed non-freeway adjacent development.

After pouring substantial funds into each of the current four council members campaign war chests and pet projects for one former council member, the developer will find out whether or not his investment gets the returns he paid for. 

This will be a real life case study for others who may come in front of the council seeking to change a hard-fought citizen initiated ordinance.

Will the donations have been enough to persuade three of the council members to vote for the change citing a reason such as the economy has changed or some other economic development justification? Or will the donations have been insufficient so as to not weigh out the concerns that some of the council members most ardent supporters have voiced with the proposed change?

Not only will this be a demonstration of the legal influence of money in our representative democracy, it will be a real life example of how a price point is determined. Those seeking to change an ordinance or get a project approved will take note of the results and budget accordingly.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting reading and unfortunately pretty accurate. Gil Moore has done more to fracture Elk Grove residents than he ever thought. Those active residents who poured their heart and soul into the creation of a sign ordinance will now be sweep away like yesterday's bath water. I am so sadly realizing that this council has sold it's heart and soul to outside interests. Between the 4th District open sit fiasco to the sign ordinance re-write, OUR town has become the door mate for developers and special interest. Extremely saddened by these events.

Anonymous said...

Buried amongst all the hoopla about the sign is the rezone he also wants--to change it from high density residential to retail to accommodate his project. Will Mr. Rezone respect us in the morning!

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Although I cannot support Mr. Moore's proposed rezone and pursuit of his McDonald's billboard on Hwy 99, he is but a symptom of what is wrong with how we allow ourselves to be governed.

Mr. Moore is simply playing the game as it has been set up by our elected officials. As long as we the people allow our elected officials to take what amounts to legalized bribery and don't demand change, we will continue to get the same results.

We all know who the real enemy here is.

Anonymous said...

It appears that $10,000 is the magic number. Interesting to note, however, if you want a councilmember to get your matter on the agenda, that cost is upwards to $25,000 inclusive.

Not to mention all the staff time and more spent because one person decides to buy the land now and pay off council members later to get the rules changed.

How can the citizens compete with that?

This whole Gil Moore matter is disgusting!

Anonymous said...

OK, my $10,000.00 is in the mail for that much needed Tattoo Shop & Adult Book/Video Store. Thinking it fits right in with the others at Sheldon...gas her up, a little pizza, a glass of wine and a good book to read.

Billy Bats said...

$10,000 will just get the door eye slot opened to see who are. If you want to get into the inner sanctum of this blind pig, you better be ready to pony up a lot more whether you are a McDonald's or an adult bookstore.

Tom said...

Hope the FBI will be watching.

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