Sacramento Bee Weighs in on Elk Grove City Council Appointee Race - Thumbs Up to Chaires

In an editorial published earlier today, the Sacramento Bee's editorial board offered an unqualified endorsement of Elk Grove Plann...

In an editorial published earlier today, the Sacramento Bee's editorial board offered an unqualified endorsement of Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires for the vacancy on the Elk Grove City Council.

The vacancy was created when Gary Davis vacated his District 4 council seat after he was elected Mayor in November. Chaires has been supported in her quest for appointment by Davis and Elk Grove Council Member Jim Cooper.

In their endorsement of Chaires the Bee said "She is well-educated, experienced in government and, as a member of the city's planning commission since 2008, both up to date and extremely knowledgeable about issues facing Elk Grove. Also, as a woman, she would bring welcome gender diversity to what is currently an all-male council."

As for the other notably contender vying for the appointment, the Bee said Oscar O'con's public relations work with the Elk Grove Automall and Pappas Investments, both of whom have done business with the city, would force O'con to have to recuse himself on potentially important decisions. The Bee did specify what important business in the near term the city might be doing with either party.

O'con has received the backing of local business leaders as well as Council Members Steve Detrick and Pat Hume. Although Detrick and Hume nominated O'con and was rejected by Cooper and Davis, Cooper and Davis also rejected all the other names placed into nomination by Detrick and Hume at the Jan. 9 council meeting.

The council will consider the appointment at Wednesday night's meeting. If none of the five candidates receive a majority of the council votes, a special election may be scheduled.

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Anonymous said...

Well it seems this process is becoming more tainted as time goes by. There are five candidates running and the Bee only speaks of two and nothing about an interview being done. Seems what I had been told is true, that Assemblymember Roger Dickinson had asked the Bee for this endorsement. Seems we have Dickinson, Ly & Mayor Davis joining forces and as a resident of this community we cannot allow that to happen. I, for one, was in favor of Ms. Chaires, but am now taking a second look at that choice if for no other reason than the actions of Mayor Davis and the shenanigans he's been pulling. Unacceptable!

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

It would be interesting to know if the Bee's editorial board interviewed all the candidates or just quickly reviewed the resumes.

Another noteworthy item is how the Bee pointed out that Mr. O'con's business interest with the Elk Grove Automall and Pappas would be a conflict of interest. Why wasn't this addressed by Mr. Cooper or Mayor Davis during council deliberations?

Anonymous said...

From the article there was no mention about any interviews. Would assume it was just resumes of the two candidates and the other three candidates got lost in their zeal. Actually found the article to be a weak endorsement anyway, not too fluffy or full of facts. A hurry-up article so they could hit the parade route.

Anonymous said...

So now our city is being run by the Bee? First Dickenson, now the Bee. Soon it will be the Russkies. Ms. Chaires afiliations has damaged her appeal. She went from first on my list, to last because of how she is being "handled" by the machine. This is shameful. Cooper and Davis need to re-evaulate and consider options. If Chaires would "man up" and take her name out of contention and allow the council to appoint someone for the short term; she could legitamately start her campaign for 2014. To do anything less and to continue to let this council wipe egg off their faces would show me she really isn't in this for Elk Grove. She is in it for the Democratic party machine. I thought our city's race was supposed to be a-political. WRONG! A short term candadite is needed to fill this gap. We don't need a candidate who is already bought and sold and handled by Sacramento. WAKE UP COUNCIL!!

Wizard of Oz said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? The Democratic Machine of course...

Steinberg moves into Doris Matsui's congressional spot in 2014 ("Mr. Smith...err Mr. Steinberg goes to Washington"); Gary Davis is offered a high level staffer position from his mentor in Washington; Pan moves into state senate to fill Steinberg's spot; Cooper moves into Pan's spot; Chaires runs against Detrick for next Mayor...

The Bee endorsement is for the little people in case it goes to vote, because the developers have already covered their bets both ways, so either Machine works to their benefit.

EG Lover said...

I found the Bee's endorsement in very poor taste, poorly written, and lacking a factual basis. It reads like the Dems wrote it and demanded the Bee run it as written.

No mention of the other qualified candidates and their backgrounds and qualifications or that Hume and Detrick motioned that two other worthy candidates be appointed in attempt to fill the vacancy.
- Very shoddy reporting. The Bee has no credibility. Please refrain from sticking your Democratic noses in our local business.

As for Chaires and her group, you've lost my vote. I had originally thought she was the best candidate and was behind her. Now, no way!

Dickenson, Davis and their posse look foolish.

Bob L said...

Ms. Chaires, due to all the unseemly baggage she's carrying, mostly due to others I might add, should do the honorable thing and remove her name from consideration for the vacant council position.

The bad smell of corruption, back room deals, and party politics in a non-partisan setting (city council seat) have engulfed Ms. Chaies candidacy.

She has two years remaining on her current planning commission seat. The should finish her commitment there and begin her fund raising for the Dist 4 seat in 2014.

If she really has our citiy's best interest in mind, rather than her own political future, this is what she should do. It's obvious.

I'll be looking forward to her actions next Wednesday evening. They will let everyone know where her allegience lies.

Larry Tate said...

Well this is one way to put Elk Grove on the map - The Dysfunctional Destination City! You son-of-gun Gary!

Hello Kettle said...

Maybe Mr. O’con should step aside with his client list which will cause continual conflict of interests and even more back door deal, including any and all dealings surrounding the mall; not to mention O'con told the Elk Grove Citizen "council members asked him to run.”

Jill said...

At this point the whole process has been corrupted to the point that it seems regardless of the cost, a special election should be called. We have four council members who can't, check won't, reach an agreement.

We have two candidates that have been tainted by the partisan support, so the only way to avoid the cost of the special election is for the four members to reach some sort of compromise candidate.

We have two other, sorry Ms. Montgomery I just can't get with you, qualified candidates. If you are really looking at saving the money Mr. Cooper and Mr. Davis, why not consider one of the two other candidates. Mr. Detrick and Mr. Cooper certainly showed that sort of flexibility.

Anonymous said...

This is all worthy of another article in the New York know a follow up to the Civic Center design and the council meeting of that night....The City of Elk Grove....meetings that can top a night time soap opera...instead of "Dallas" there could be "Elk Grove" state tuned for the next episode....or how about it...the new reality show: "Dysfunctional Destination City...first episode...Elk Grove".

Anonymous said...

Love this idea, "Dysfunctional Destination City...first episode...Elk Grove".

It's plain to see there is only one choice for Elk Grove and that is Edward Busuttil. He brings no baggage or agenda to the table and that is something this city sorely needs at this time.

Anonymous said...

Really! What did you people think would happed when you voted for cityhood? Small time politics at it's best.

Anonymous said...

The two additional weeks that Gary Davis so generously gave to these candidates has done nothing but continue to show a tainted and unfair advantage to his "only" choice to begin with...Chaires. It is such a game and Davis is trying his best to win! It's time to put agendas aside and do right for the city and people of Elk Grove. I encourage everyone to go to the meeting tonight...speak up about the injustice of this entire Gary Davis that your voice counts just as much as his and that we will not settle!!! also appear to me to look like you are an active part of this deal and I can't support such what is right...step down so this can be fair!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hold everything folks. Look for Detrick and Hume to bring forth a mystery candidate tonight as an alternative. Forget the process and those candidates who were properly vetted and did everything by the deadline. And never mind the public. We are just in the way.

So much for democracy!

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