Elk Grove Planning Commission Grounds Heliport Request

After a hearing that took over two hours that included conflicting claims, the Elk Grove Planning Commission denied a request for a conditi...

After a hearing that took over two hours that included conflicting claims, the Elk Grove Planning Commission denied a request for a conditional use permit for a heliport in Elk Grove's rural eastern section.

The request came from Elk Grove resident John Hamilton who had sought to use a hangar that he had constructed in 2009 as a base for his contracted helicopter business. Although Hamilton got his building permit in 2009, he claimed at the time he had informed the city of his intention to use the structure as a hangar for up to four helicopters and was told that was acceptable.
City Planner Christoper Jordan and Assist. City Attorney review building plans
During the course of the hearing city staff pulled Hamilton's plans from 2009 and after a reveiw of the  documentation, it was determined the permit was not for an aircraft hangar.

"A permit was issued for a barn," Assistant City Attorney Jennifer Alves said.

When it became apparent that the planning commission was going to vote to accept staff recommendation to deny the request, Hamilton said he would like to have the matter continued. After some confusion over his intent, Hamilton determined he would have the matter removed from consideration and rescheduled for a later date.

"I want to keep my options open," Hamilton said.

During their deliberations the commission agreed they were in consensus that they were unlikely to approve the matter now or at any point in the future and denied Hamilton's request.  

"I've heard enough information to make a decision," Commissioner Spark Harris said.

The commission voted 4-0 to deny the request with Commissioner George Murphey recusing himself from the proceedings. Although Murphey did not give a reason, his primary residence is near Hamilton's.

Altough the request was denied by the planing commission, Hamilton can pursue the application with the city council who has final authority on the matter.

When asked after the meeting if he would take the matter before the city council Hamilton said, "I don't know."

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, the Planning Commission denying the zoning change jsut gives Mr. Hamilton the opportunity to go directly to the City Council. And we all know how the are (are you listening Mr. Davis and Mr. Cooper). Mr. Hamilton requested that his application be pulled and the commission went ahead and voted to deny. Hum, ! a bit of colusion maybe to let this move forward.
Citizens, we've been had again!

Anonymous said...

This request is absolutely absurd. Two acres is not enough land to land and take off helicopters in a residential community.

Anonymous said...

a helicopter is an aircraft...aircraft belong in airports, not rural neighborhoods.. good to see they struck it down... city council hopefully does the same if he decides to take it that far..

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's probably a valid point, running a helicopter business out of a semi-suburban neighborhood is probably not a good idea, probably better if it were run out of an airport. Oh yeah, that's right, I forgot, Elk Grove closed its airport in favor of residential real estate development. (slap my forehead) That explains it...

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