Community Meeting to Be Held Tomorrow on City of Elk Grove's Proposed Expansion

A community meeting will be held tomorrow night to explain and gather resident's input on the City of Elk Grove's proposed so...

A community meeting will be held tomorrow night to explain and gather resident's input on the City of Elk Grove's proposed southward 12 sq. mile expansion.

The meeting, which will be held at the Wackford Center at 9014 Bruceville Road, is being conducted by the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Committee (LAFCo) and is open to the public. LAFCo is the agency that will decide whether or not Elk Grove can put the 8,000 acres under its sphere of influence - the first step that would lead to the annexation of the now rural area on the city's southern border.

City leaders including Mayor Gary Davis are advocating for the expansion saying it is vital to the city's economic development efforts and to help remedy the city's jobs to housing imbalance. The city has one of the worst jobs to houses ratio in Sacramento region. 

The proposed expansion has faced opposition from a variety of environmental and smart-growth advocates. The groups say the expansion will destroy sensitive wildlife habitat, promote more suburban sprawl and they believe the land will eventually be used for more residential developments.

The Tuesday night meeting will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

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Sarah Johnson said...

The meeting was short, the focus was so narrow, that I don't know how helpful it really was. LAFCO Board meeting next Wednesday, May, 1, 2013, County BOD Chambers, 700 H Street, 5:00 or 5:30 (don't remember which). Time for Elk Grove residents to really get involved in this.

Anonymous said...

It's at 5:30 P.M. and YES, it is time for Elk Grove residents to get involved!

Lynn said...

YES!!! Time to get involved Elk Grove Residents!! Check out Elk Grove for more information!!! An important group of stakeholders have not been involved or necessarily invited to all meetings regarding this. I requested the 2x2 meetings between two of our council members, staff and LAFCo to be open to the public...this was refused with....well so much for transparency. We are the primary group of stakeholders that will be most impacted by this!!! I understand we all have busy lives, trying to work, raise families and deal with multiple life challenges..and guess what our leaders are counting on our life issues to keep us to busy to pay attention and therefore allowing this to slip on through. Let's be the democracy our forefathers wanted for all of us; participate and make it real! Make your voice heard; it matters! you matter!

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