Elk Grove City Council to Hear Report on Proposed Aquatics Center, Water Park

When the Elk Grove City Council meets Wednesday night, one of the items up for review will be a report on a proposed aquatics center. ...

When the Elk Grove City Council meets Wednesday night, one of the items up for review will be a report on a proposed aquatics center.

The proposed aquatics center, which is being considered for part of the city's civic center project, would include a commercial water park, parking facilities, an Olympic sized pool and a 10-meter diving platform. To help launch the project, the city is offering land in the civic center project area and a $14 million incentive towards the design and construction of the facility.

According to the staff report, out of the three entities that have expressed interest in the project, only one has been determined to be able to fulfill the project specifications. Although the $14 million developer incentive  has already been programed into the city's budget, the entire facility would require annual taxpayer subsidies according to the report. 

Wednesday night's council meeting starts at 6 p.m.

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Jill said...

I am curious if the waterpark will be near 99 or the neighborhoods by the civic center. Can't imagine this being in the heart of the civic center.

Flipper said...

The whole thing is a mish-mash of crap that was once described as the center of the city (more recently the mall area has taken those honors). The helicopters flying in/out of the new hospital, a low income housing project that has the visual quality of army barracks, a waterpark with traffic that will have to move through the snails pace of EG Blvd.on weekends, a high dive (wow!, and an aquatic center that mimics the Wackford Center run by CSD. Oh, and if the market was so in favor of this, why the light turnout of consultants.

The private sector knows the market better than any government "leader".

Anonymous said...

The once wonderful idea of an aquatic park has turned into another project for which the residents should keep a laser focus on. It seems that a project that gives away 14 mil to start with and then will need to be subsidized with tax payers money might not be in the best interest of the community. We need to be vigilant of this project.

Billy Bats said...

A waterpark might be a good amenity for families, but it should be done free of any subsidy from the city.

As for the diving platform and swimming pool, does not the Wackford Center already have one of these? Is there really a need for another on the taxpayers dollars to benefit the Piranhas?

Mark Spitz said...

Sorry swimmers...we're a soccer town now!

Anonymous said...

I must have missed something. I did realize there was some discussion about a competitive swimming and diving complex. I don't remember hearing about a water park. This makes the ice rink look minor. The report suggests getting 250,000 visitors/year while there is another water park <15 miles away (at Cal Expo). This is like the softball complex - as a destination, it can be located in a more remote part of Elk Grove. The water park fits that same mold. It is also disconcerting that (1) only 3 consultants initially responded to this and (2) one of them would not bid because the City did not have good specifications of what was needed. Therefore, there is only one bidder. Somehow I expect to see contributions from this group to our City Council members.

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