Martin, Donnelly Talk Liberty on Constitution Day Event

September 19, 2013| With Constitution Day as a backdrop, California State Assembly candidate Manuel Martin and Assembly Member Tim Do...

September 19, 2013|

With Constitution Day as a backdrop, California State Assembly candidate Manuel Martin and Assembly Member Tim Donnelly joined forces to discuss common themes in their respective 2014 campaigns Tuesday night.

Donnelly, a current Republican Assembly Member representing the state's 33rd District is running for Governor while Martin is running as a Republican for the 9th Assembly District seat held a fund raiser at Lodi's Viaggio Winery to benefit Martin's campaign.   

Manuel Martin (l) and Tim Donnelly.
Martin, who is one of three confirmed candidates for the district that runs north from Sacramento and south to Lodi, stressed one of his campaign's main ideas - turning the California Assembly into a part-time body and increasing the number of representatives.

The first-time candidate noted that each California Assembly Member represents about 465,000 people, the highest in the nation. Martin went on to say the large number of constituents per Assembly Member diminishes the voice of the people.

"Your representation has been diminished," Martin said. "With smaller districts, you get people who vote for the people, not the party."

In addition to discussing his part-time assembly and smaller districts ideas, Martin stressed a strict adherence to the Constitution. As part of that, Martin advocates strong belief in preserving the Second Amendment and stressed individual economic liberties.

Appearing on behalf of Martin was Donnelly, a second term Republican Assembly Member. Like Martin, Donnelly is a strict constitutionalist and believes in limited government.

Donnelly, who has declared his candidacy for Governor, said he doesn't back many candidates, but is enthusiastic about Martin's platform and prospects of being elected to the Assembly.

"He will absolutely put your best interest at heart," Donnelly said. "He is a worthy individual to back."     

Donnelly and Martin will be on next June's primary ballot and the top two vote recipients for all state officers will advance to the November election regardless of party affiliation. 

Photo compliment of Derrick Warmerdam. 

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Laurie said...

This was truly a patriotic event, and so inspiring, with candidates that will stick to their principles. Go Manuel and Tim!! Not only has Manuel studied the constitution, but also the federalist papers, and he wants to keep this country going in the direction the founders intended.

Sal said...

Americans wake up. Are schools and government have NO respect U.S. Constitution. When they told the student that he can't pass out free copy's of the Constitution.

YOUR U.S. Constitution is Not For Sale. You don't need any permit..That call Infringement on YOUR Right. Always remember YOUR U.S. Constitution runs 24/7.

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