Elk Grove Quarterly Economic Development Report Placed in Consent Calendar

November 9, 2013 | Unless one of the Elk Grove City Council members requests it, the city's quarterly economic development report...

November 9, 2013 |

Unless one of the Elk Grove City Council members requests it, the city's quarterly economic development report will not be presented as an agenda item at next Wednesday's regular meeting. 

Rather, the report has been placed on the consent calendar where non-controversial and routine items are placed and voted on en-masse. In the past, Economic Development Director Randy Starbuck had been given an opportunity to go over the full report before the council and public to inform them of his department's efforts in recruiting businesses and employers to the area by being placed as a stand-alone presentation on the regular agenda.

The Elk Grove Promenade is now called The Outlet Collection at Elk Grove according the quarterly Elk Grove Economic Development report.
Among the highlights in Starbuck's report are the opening of three new retailers, construction of a new deli shop in Old Town Elk Grove and the economic development department is working with the Howard Hughes Company on the unfinished Elk Grove Promenade mall. According to the report, the mall is now called the "The Outlet Collection at Elk Grove." 

Three of the nine-page report are from a regional economic activity analysis created by UC Davis. The entire report is available here.

The Elk Grove City Council will meet at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, November 13.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea and we don't have to listen to something that's 1 - 3 months old that we've all read about in the blogs or been copied from some other entity.

However, that being said, there are too many items being placed/hidden by the city under the Consent Calendar and that needs to stop. Time to open the doors to City Hall. JMHO

Move Along Folks, Nothing To See Here said...

This is like the situation with the SOI reporting on TV. You can bet your last dollar if construction restarted on the Promenade or the city actually attracted some bio med firm they claim they are pursuing, they would be front and center on the TV and council meetings. Nothing to see here folks!

Anonymous said...

The attached report indicates job growth in the Sacto region is down a point or two from last years numbers. This is not good. This recession is still with us and our area is still struggling. Our city needs to adjust to the reality that money is not growing on trees in EG. We need to be concerned with our current neighborhoods and services. We need to get the jobs here...and not McDonald's jobs. Real job that sustain families and working class single parents. Elk Grove has done a poor job in this area.

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