Video - Four Items to Memory Bank on Elk Grove's Proposed Whitelock Parkway Interchange

December 15, 2013 | As noted during the December 11, 2013 Elk Grove City Council meeting, the possibility of building the proposed in...

December 15, 2013 |

As noted during the December 11, 2013 Elk Grove City Council meeting, the possibility of building the proposed interchange at Whitelock Parkway and Highway 99 is years away. The city's director of public works even said these type of project are often 20 years in the making.

Nonetheless, at some point the city will pursue this and when that time comes, here are a few items from that meeting that are worth remembering and referencing for whoever may be seated on the city council.

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U-Haul said...

The spin doctors will go to work now to sell the project to newsletter, mass media, etc. Funny how they need new development to pay for it--Ponzi scheme.

Charles Ponzi said...

Don't use my name with this scheme.

Anonymous said...

EGNEWS...great was right on and made me laugh! Unfortunately, you hit the nail on the head. What a crazy 'circle of life" we have here...we need more homes to create more traffic so we can have the developers pay for a small sliver of the overpass cost that we incurred due to the projects the developers are getting rich on. Here's a thought...don't build any more homes and make mass transit more affordable, convenient and reliable...get people out of their cars....Funny, no one seems to mention this solution. Seems tearing up our park, moving a freeway to the west (really..who is he kidding) and building more homes is any answer to this problem. Get real EG Council. You're starting to look stupid.

Anonymous said...

The developers will only end up paying a tiny percentage of the cost, just like the Connector road. Us fools will end up paying for the rest. Maybe it can compete with that "award-winning" overpass on Grant Line/Kammerer.

Lynn said...

Our council voted to decrease developer impact fees....I don't believe the costs of putting in roads and overpasses has decreased which means residents will pick up the tab. Our city responds to home builders; build more and build what will sell now! Shortsighted. Excellent video clip; says it all and I hope all will remember! I hope there is a grass roots group formed around this that will join Elk Grove Grasp to save our entire city from blight!!! Council decisions are about greed not need!!! If they truly represented the residents they would not of changed the sign ordinance because of a developer and than when the developers who owned freeway frontage met(stakeholders) and agreed with the city's new ordinance, our council could vote yes. Once you learn how our leaders play the game I am reminded of something that was said to me when I was a youth and thought everyone played by the rules(I did); "Cheat cheat, never can be Beat"

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. Trigg, please wake from your Coma... What a waste of an appointment he is.

Sarah Johnson said...

This issue really does zero in on the need for more and better public transit. Elk Grove is just so far behind the curve on this issue. A recent DEIR seems to be content just saying that we do have public transit. NO, what we have is the illusion of public transit, what we need is transit that actually serves the needs of the citizenry to go where they need to go when they need to go.

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