With Presumed Reelection Bid Coming, Elk Grove Council Member Hume Raises $9k

January 30, 2014 | With an expected reelection bid in the offing for 2014, Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume raised $9,000 in the...

January 30, 2014 |

With an expected reelection bid in the offing for 2014, Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume raised $9,000 in the second half of 2013.

According to California Form 460 campaign finance disclosures filed yesterday with the Elk Grove City Clerk, District Two Council Member Hume raised $9,000 in direct contributions for the five months ending December 31, 2013. With contributions of $2,750 for the first seven months of last year, Hume entered 2014 with a cash balance of $16,231.

Hume received eight contributions primarily from real estate development interests. Contributions of $2,500 were received from JJV, LLC, six contributions of $1,000 from Feletto Development Company, Attorney John Campbell, Vintara HoldingsLLC, Reynold & Brown, M&H Realty Partners and Howard Research & Development Corp. and one $500 contribution from Gillum Consulting. 

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Mr. Developer said...

Looks like Hume had a fundraiser on October 28 and the only people who attended, or was that invited, were developers. No one there with an Elk Grove address and/or who isn't a developer wanting something in return. Very telling!

What was it that Hume said, singing to his choir, "Rooftops, rooftops, rooftops!"

Jerry Maguire said...

Elk Grove is destined to be another dumpy boring valley town with miles and miles of bland boring look alike subdivisions.

The city's theme used to be "Elk Grove Thriving".

Now the city's theme should be "THE BEST CITY MONEY CAN BUY".

lynn said...

What is the motivation for those not living in our city to donate to the local campaigns? This is my question for all residents in our community to consider....who is getting the most out of our city? Developers or residents? Residents in the citizen survey said traffic was a major concern...so tell me how will that be improved with more roof tops? Elk Grove city theme "Developer's Delight" "MND is All right!"....The city is once again bundling rezones for general plan amendments...can only do four a year and it looks like our city leaders have already planned on this for 2014; as was mentioned at the council meeting...

Anonymous said...

We are in the middle of the worst drought in 500 years.

The 20th century was the wettest in a millennium 1000 years.

Keep building and where is the water going to come from?

Are we going to have to live with 50% cutbacks in our water usage because the city wants to keep building.

Yeah, keep building and watch the ground water table go dry. Then we are in for a heap of trouble.

Continued building is socially and ecologically irresponsible.

Jeff Owen said...

I agree Lynn, your endorsements say a lot about who your allegiances belong too. I've been around politics a long time, individuals/companies don't give money with the hope that you'll side with them, they know what they're getting before signing the check.

It's also the same with political endorsements, party lines are everything, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. What is very evident, is that the City Council seats are not filled with folks who are non-partisan, who put the citizens and what's best for the city first.

For me personally what has helped me gauge our current and potential leaders is what you and the others who have been intensely active in the community say. Unfortunately 90% of voters don't pay attention to anything more than the paragraph in the voter guide and who has the biggest & most signs.

I like Pat Hume, I think he's smart, he's the best speaker up there and has leadership qualities, but he's pro-home and builder, whereas the community seems to be thinking the opposite and that's a big issue.

Just my two cents.

BAInc said...

Mr. Hume did recently vote no on the Fieldstone North subdivision sighting density of the East Elk Grove Specific Plan. This is the first no vote I've seen on the council in quite some time when it comes to approving a housing subdivision. He may have been playing politics knowing the project was going to pass and he could then say to his Sheldon area constituents "look, I voted no on this project" but hey at least somebody voted no.

Jeff, you are exactly right when it comes to partisan politics and the city council. None of our elected officials run with D's or R's next to their names. These seats are nonpartisan. I’m tired of hearing about how it’s Davis/Cooper vs. Hume/Detrick and how Hume took control of the Council by getting Trigg appointed. Blah, blah, blah…Elk Grove’s biggest issues mostly boil down to infrastructure, traffic, and planning. All are inter-related and none of them should be partisan.

Lynn said...

I walked many neighborhoods during my run for mayor and had conversations with many people who began the conversation; are you republican or democrat? Fair question in my mind as politics go...so my response; please listen to my message and after my message I will answer your question. I learned many, many people in our city vote party line even with this a non-partisan office.
Hume is playing politics with his last vote, look at the voting order and he knew it was going to pass. I just hope Sheldon and rural residents will remember his vote on the SCHOOL and Church..
Take a look at his voting record; it speaks for itself.
And with this said I agree with Jeff on his assessment of Hume.

Anonymous said...

Gimme gimme Mr Hume!

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

BA, I agee with on some points. I don't think D Or R matters in local government, they are all one the take.

Just think of Gil Moore - I really don't know what his political affiliation is. He was introduced by a Democrat, Gil Albiani, to a Republican, Steve Detrick, in Detrick's own words, and then gave money to council members and assembly candidates like Cooper, regardless of being D or R to get his McDonald's approved.

Until there is some sort of tight finance campaign regulations imposed, our city is going to the highest bidder an it is all legal.

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