Chaires' Campaign Lays Out Strategy in Elk Grove City Council Race

February 21, 2014 | This year Elk Grove voters will be asked to cast ballots for mayor and two of the four city council seats. Thus ...

February 21, 2014 |

This year Elk Grove voters will be asked to cast ballots for mayor and two of the four city council seats. Thus far, the race for the city's District 4 seat is generating the most interest.

Of the three candidates who have declared their interests in the seat currently occupied by Bob Trigg, the race between Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires and Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Steve Ly, is quickly developing into what could be a hard-fought battle. Not only is the race pitting two ascending local Democrats against one another, it is splitting the two Elk Grove City Council Democrats with Vice Mayor Jim Cooper backing Chaires and Mayor Gary Davis supporting Ly. 

Ly, who was elected to the EGUSD in a November 2012 landslide victory, formally announced his entry into the District 4 race last Saturday. From the perspective of the Chaires' campaign, Ly's race for the city council is a renege on promises made during his successful 2012 EGUSD run.

To that end, Chaires' campaign has released videos of former Ly supporters expressing what can be described as disappointment. The former supporters include local business owner Jose Reynosa and EGUSD Healthy Start Coordinator, Sandy Waite. (Click here for Reynosa video and here for Waite video.)

For his part, Ly said he has not seen the videos and has no intention to view them. "True leadership is about bringing people together and focusing on real issues," he added.

In addition to Chaires and Ly, a third Democrat, Charles Shanks has also filed papers for the seat.  

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Anonymous said...

Pablo err I mean Nancy must be really worried to be going negative 9-months before the election. Shouldn't they be out there talking about the positives of Nancy. Just goes to show you the political machine prefers to tear a good man down instead of trying to build their candidate up. Or, maybe they relize there is nothing positive about Nancy so going negative now is their only option.

Lynn said...

I would like to have the campaigns be about the issues facing our city and community...What is their vision? What would they do as councilperson?
What do they see as our city's biggest challenges?

Kimberly said...

This is a shameful act on behalf of Nancy's campaign. It is the kind of dirty politics that Nancy's husband and puppet master, Pablo tries to bring to Elk Grove. I have not made any decisions about district 4, but Mrs. Chaires is making it easier for me.

Phil Meeker said...

looks like Nancy is still carrying a grudge for losing the appointment to Trigg. This isn't so much a campaign against Mr. Ly but a vendetta on Mayor Davis for reneging on his promise to endorse and appoint Nancy. Mayor Davis made the right call to save Elk Grove tax payers $500k in special elections. In the process Nancy has become this rogue democratic and the signs are all telling. Is this the kind of person we can trust? Vice Mayor Cooper you better watch your back.

The Real Dog Spot said...

doesn't Jose Reynosa's wife and Sandy Waite work together? Perhaps they got together after sipping latte to come up with this great idea. Next up neighborhood bike ride denouncing Mr. Ly.

Anonymous said...

I don't really know the candidates fully yet, but frankly do not like the current photo of the city council, a male monopoly. I was one of those disgusted with the Trigg appointment. Davis played chicken in that election. This is not about a male/female balance, and I certainly was not a Scherman fan, but…….

Anonymous said...

Well actually Real Dog Spot, Mayor Davis has already taken up that spot. Mr. Ly will be riding his bike, eating a Big Mac while Mayor Davis passes out Grace Coffee at the 5K Run Over The Freeway in April.

All said in fun...but like Lynn stated, I would like to have the campaigns be about the issues facing our city and community...and they are MANY! Maybe I am the only one who thinks appointing Mr. Trigg was a bad decision...cost us much more than the $500,000 in the end.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post above, Gary "Twinkle Eyes" is the real mastermind behind Steve Lie. Think about the conversations it took for Twinkle Eyes to convince him to run. Twinkle Eyes is thinking about himself, he doesn't care about Elk Grove, he cares about himself.

Mr. Lie doesn't even realize he's being used, he needs to ask himself why Twinkle Eyes wants him to run.

In the end we should vote for the person that is actually gonna help Elk Grove.

Let's have a race with real people, real intentions and real honesty.

Anonymous said...

let me get this right... Twinkle Eye winked at Nancy for an appointment, decided to give up Nancy's Chair to a Trigger Man. Bruce Ly decides to Enter the Dragon race, Juan Pablo decides to make final rose videos with Sandy, and the Cooper hawk is out chasing donkey asses.

Lynn said...

Male, Female,Republican, Democrat,Race......I want the individual who wants the best for all the people of Elk Grove! Realistic? probably not with how the game has been defined and is played out. SAD for residents now....really SAD for the young people....ARE we modeling what we want for our future? Martin Luther King Jr, a great man of faith, had a dream....we honor him with a day. Are we honoring him with our behavior and actions? Just something to think about as this election season seems to be heating up.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for one of the other fiasco contestants to come forward so we can attempt to take back our city. I, for one, can no longer attend city council meetings when I receive vibes from them that we are nothing but a nuisance and in the way of their perceived ideas of what the people want. Nothing but a row of electeds who think they are above all others and that you are allowed to speak...that's what the rules say...but be quick about it, I'm reading my text messages and want to go home.

Disaffected ex-voter said...

Rumor has it that Dickinson is the owner, or least part owner, of Capital Campaigns; the company running Davis' and Ly's campaigns. Could it be that Dickinson pulled his endorsement of Chaires because she didn't chose Dickinson's company to run her campaign? As usual, it's all about money and lining one's pockets. Damn what's best for Elk Grove; and again Dickinson uses and abuses Elk Grove to his own base ends.

Anonymous said...

Actually this is all pretty simple. As many have stated and you can even see with your own eyes if you ever go to a city council meeting, the people have started pulling away because of the decisions our council makes on our behalf and how non-receptive they are when we do speak. Now do we want more of the same, another council persons pick,much like we had in Trigg or do we want someone who can think for themselves? Mr. Ly means just another YES man and nothing will change. Ask him a few tough questions and I think you will find he knows little about what has been going on in EG in the past few years...oh maybe he'll remember a headline he saw in the paper.

We need change on that dias and I can assure you that Mr. Ly just means more of the same...he's even proven that himself by leaving a post that the people entrusted him with and he isn't fulfilling as he promised. I certainly can't put my trust behind someone who's word mean so little. JMHO

Control Freak said...

Actually all of this is about who will gain control of the council. Gary Davis no longer has it, if he ever did since being elected Mayor, with the Hume/Detrick/Trigg alliance with Pat Hume in the driver's seat. Steve Detrick wanted it. After all, when he nominated himself for mayor for a second year, Detrick boasted he was the best mayor our city has ever seen.

But Detrick is simply not very smart, can't talk or deliberate his way about of a paper bag, and people have come to see him as the arrogant bore he is and tune him out when he speaks.

Hume, on the other than, has a strong command of the English language, is intelligent and does understand how government works. The problem with Hume is that he has a tendency to talk down to people because he honestly believes he is the smartest person in the room.

And you don’t dare disagree with Hume, either from the dais or from the podium, because he give you a tongue lashing. Hume’s unleashing on Bob Felts wasn't his finest hour, but knocking Detrick off his high horse at last council meeting was priceless.

Bottom line, with Steve Ly on the council, Davis gets back control of the council.

Nancy Chaires is a threat to the balance of power because she won’t be anyone’s boy!

Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents...Does no one ever live up to their end of the bargain and serve out the entirety of their term anymore? Lately elected officials have lacked that basic respect, "integrity" for the voters of this city.

Leaving office early is bad faith and has the added stink of unfair. This leapfrogging needs to be stopped by the voters. We voters have been jilted by Mr. Ly, who courted us to attain office, then -- poof -- he was outtie. Not only that, but we even have an outtie backing him, our own Mayor Davis.

Ly; Lies said...

Anon 19:20, you are 100 percent correct! Davis moved to EG from Natomas for political reasons. It's no secret that he aspires to much higher office than that of a lowly EG council member. Mr. Ly is apparently following in his Mayor's footsteps.

Mr. Ly stated, "True leadership is about bringing people together and focusing on real issues,"... No Mr. Ly, true leadership is about keeping your promises, even such a simple and basic promise of fulfilling the four-year commitment you made when running for EGUSD School Board. Failure to do so is proof of lack of integrity, honesty and respect for the residents of EG....and we already have enough individuals like that currently sitting on the EG council.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Ly said elect me to the EGUSD Board and I will serve and give you four good years and is now running for Mayor, it appears as if it didn't take long for him master the art of "tell them one thing and do something else". Do we truly need another one those type of people on the Council?

What ever happen to honesty and integrity?


Lynn said...


The cream will rise to the top.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps....didn't seem to happen last year with Hume's nomination of Trigg and now we have Davis' backing of Ly. Best we leave that one alone and get back to cleaning up city hall. So where is that candidate we so desperately who works for the people for a change.

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